Booking a cabin for 2

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For the sailors whose first mates are all mouth and no trousers, time to stop herding cats and grab old faithful.

What's the difference between booking a yacht and a cabin?

Book a yacht and you’ll be renting your own sailing yacht for the week with up to 10 of your friends. Book a 2-person cabin- or three of them under a multiple booking (we’ll get to this part later…) - and you'll be sharing a yacht with other fun-loving, cabin booking strangers.


Cabins are, firstly and fore-mostly, the hassle free booking option. Travelling as a two is far easier than rallying an entire crew! Simply grab your bestie and pick your destination. We'll then place you and your sail-mate on a mixed yacht with up to 8 other cabin bookers.


Fully-catered cabins:

For the duos craving the easy life.

If you book a fully-catered 2-person cabin on a shared yacht, not only will you be saying yes to seven days of stress-free sailing, you'll also be securing yourself a fantastic Host for the week.

From: €950 per person

Self-catered cabins:

For the supporters of 'my way or the highway'

This option is ideal for the independent travelers, the cost-cutters and the culinary creatives that want to get back to basics and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, the self-catered 2-person cabin on a shared yacht is a must. While this means no Host treating you to freshly prepared meals every day, it also means you'll have complete control over the oven.

From: €550 per person


For the crews of 4-6 people

Not got a full crew, say 4-6 people, but still want to sail with your pals rather than go as just a two? We’ve introduced the multiple cabin booking option so that you can book and sail together. Simply select how many 2-person cabins you want in your booking and you'll all be assigned to the same yacht. Safety in numbers people!

Side-note: All cabins in multi-cabin bookings must either be all fully catered or all self catered.

The best part about booking a 2-person cabin on The Yacht Week? Making a bunch of new friends when the old ones just aren’t cutting it.