5 Reasons You Should Ring in the New Decade in the BVI

No plans yet for how you want to start the new decade? Not to worry, we have the perfect plan already made for you! The British Virgin Islands is known as one of the top places to spend new years eve - if you don't believe me, just google it - and for good reason. The stunning beaches, the wonderful locals and the unbeatable Caribbean vibe makes for a truly unforgettable experience. Read our top 5 reasons, although there are many more, and by the end you'll be booking your plane to the Caribbean!

Escape the real world:

Everyone has heard of 'Caribbean time' but until you have experienced it you will never understand the beauty of it. The BVI are some of the most exclusive islands meaning everywhere you go you will find untouched areas to explore and immerse yourself into BVI culture. Whilst sailing around the islands, phone signal can of course be patchy but being cut off from the outside world, so to say, adds even more value to this unique experience. Leaving your phone screen for a while allows you to escape the real world and the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the serene nature of the Caribbean for a once in a lifetime new years adventure.

Caribbean Cuisine:

For an authentic Caribbean experience, the local food and drink is a must! Wonder the streets of Tortola and you’ll find all kinds of deliciousness in all the street shacks, and trust me you won’t be disappointed. Or head over to Anegada and feast on the freshest Lobster you will ever come across. Whilst you’re there, you’ve heard of a conch - but have you ever tried eating one? Cause on Anegada it’s one of the most iconic foods. All this eating making you thirsty? Try the famous cocktails of the BVI and you’ll never want to pick up a gin and tonic ever again. The painkiller: a rum-based cocktail blended with pineapple and coconut, served with gratings of nutmeg...there certainly is no better painkiller. Or the bushwacker: a creamy mix of rum, coconut and kahlua...it’s basically the best pudding you’ve ever had, in a cup. Sounds delish, right?

World famous bars:

So where can we enjoy these delicious Caribbean cocktails I hear you ask? There is certainly no shortage of stunning beach bars where you can sit back and enjoy a rum punch with your toes in the sand. Swim ashore at Soggy Dollar and see if any of your mates have left you a drink behind the bar and don’t forget to keep stacking up those cups! Or try out the famous beach BBQ at Foxy’s Tamarind, you might even be lucky enough to meet Mr.Foxy himself! And of course, no trip to the BVI is complete without partying on board a floating pirate ship at Willy T’s - if that doesn’t sound like the perfect way to spend New Year, I don’t know what does.

Something for everyone:

One of the best things about visiting the BVI’s is the enormous variety of activities - there is literally something for everyone! Love lying in the sun on a gorgeous beach all day? Picture those serene white sand beaches you see in the movies - that’s what the BVI’s has. Or maybe you’re looking to stay active? Fear not, grab yourself a snorkel and experience the world that lies beneath those turquoise waters. Or even get your adrenaline fix doing some windsurfing or hire a scooter and explore the farthest corners of the islands. The BVI's really do have it all!

Everyone needs to experience a New Years Eve on The Yacht Week:

So picture this...living on Caribbean time, enjoying the delicious cuisine and sailing from one gorgeous beach to another - sounds like a dream already, right? Then add 100 new friends to experience it with and you have yourself a new years eve on The Yacht Week. What makes an experience truly unique is the people you get to share it with and so what better way to start a new decade than making all these amazing new memories but also making all these amazing new friends to share it with.

Now you've been convinced that the British Virgin Islands is the best place to start your new decade (which I'm sure you have) then head over to our website and get booking before it's too late!

Written by: Ella Thorogood