Around the World in 20 Sunsets

Ella Thorogood

By Ella Thorogood

Posted on 14th May 2019

There is nothing better than finding that stunning, secluded spot to watch the world become soaked in red and yellow light as the day ends. There have even been studies that prove watching sunsets can improve your emotional wellbeing and enhance long-lasting satisfaction in life - sounds too good to be true, right? As we are always looking for new ways to live better over here at The Yacht Week, we have found the best places to catch those gorgeous setting rays and are about to take you around the world in 20 sunsets...are you ready?

Taj Mahal | India

Lake Annecy | France

Florida | USA

The Matterhorn | Switzerland

The Sahara Desert | Africa

Bora Bora | French Polynesia

Cairo | Egypt

Bali | Indonesia

Maldives | Asia

Santorini | Greece

Cape Town | South Africa

Grand Canyon | Arizona

Angkor Wat | Cambodia

Stonehenge | England

Dubrovnik | Croatia

Zanzibar | Tanzania

Isle of Skye | Scotland

Hawaii | USA

Kota Kinabalu | Borneo

Lofoten | Norway


If looking through these photos has sparked your wish to search for the most beautiful sunsets around the world then we have the best places for you to start! Come and join us on The Yacht Week, and not only indulge in some of the most gorgeous sunsets but also experience THE best week of your life.


Written by: Ella Thorogood

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