6 Ways to Book The Yacht Week

The Yacht Week

By The Yacht Week

Posted on 27th September 2019

Want to join the floating festi-fun; get in on the adventures, the craziness, the revelry at sea? But not quite sure how... Here’s a quick guide to how to book The Yacht Week. Go on, you deserve it.

YACHT BOOKING OPTIONS | For the whole crew.

1. For the big spenders or savvy sailors

Premium and premium plus: If you and your crew are fortunate enough to have a big holiday budget then it goes without saying that you should book a completely outrageous premium plus yacht fit for royalty.

If the crown fits? Sail into a floating festival on a 50ft catamaran featuring air con, comfy beds, a spacious sundeck and powerful showers. Pick your dream floating home for the week and sail in style.


2. For the crews wanting a hassle free sail on a budget

Easy booking option: The easiest, the fastest, the cheapest and, ultimately, the smoothest way of sailing. Book a standard 4 cabin yacht & we'll select the perfect one for you, at the perfect price.

Rest ashored, each standard yacht will:
  • Accommodate 4 cabins (9 guests)
  • Be a 2013 yacht or newer
  • Include a skipper
  • Be the best boat for your buck

 It will be a standard surprise of sorts. By choosing the easy option, you are essentially saying yes to enjoying more affordable, efficient and stress-free sailing adventures. Embrace spontaneity and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

From: €500 per person

CABIN BOOKING OPTIONS | For the two of you.

3. For the duos craving the easy life

Fully-catered cabins: If you book a fully-catered 2-person cabin on a shared yacht, not only will you be saying yes to seven days of stress-free sailing, you'll also be securing yourself a fantastic Host for the week.

As a trained sea chef, your Host will treat you to splendiferous meals every day and keep your yacht pristine clean so you can sit back and relax for the week. They know the islands like the back of their hands which means they're knowledgeable about local delicacies and which food markets to best source fresh produce from. They are also walking talking encyclopaedias of restaurant recommendations, make use of their wisdom!

From: €1000 per person


4.  For the supporters of 'my way or the highway'

Self-catered cabins: For the independent travelers, the cost-cutters and the culinary creatives that want to get back to basics and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, the self-catered 2-person cabin on a shared yacht is a must.

While this means no Host treating you to freshly prepared meals every day, it also means you'll have complete control over the kitchen. Explore more, venture to little trattorias, order as the locals do, buy local produce, get crafty in the kitchen and not only will you be saving spends, you’ll also be getting a taste of cultural authenticity.

From: €600 per person

CAN'T FIND A CREW? | This is what to do...

5. For the crews with 4-6 people

Multiple cabins: Not got a full crew, say 4-6, but still want to sail with your pals rather than go as just a two? We've introduced the multiple cabin booking option so that you can book and sail together. Simply select how many 2-person cabins you want in your booking and you'll all be assigned to the same yacht. Safety in numbers people.

Side-note: All cabins in multi-cabin bookings must either be all fully catered or all self catered. 


6. For those that need to fill or find a crew  

Use our Crew Finder: Whether you've booked a yacht but need a crew or intend on traveling solo, you can advertise or search for open spots on our nifty Crew Finder. Many sailing success stories start from people reaching out to raft together.

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