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By Yacht Week

Posted on 6th September 2019

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Aegean Rebreath, an incredible Greek grassroots-led organization, founded by a group of divers who began helping small fishing ports to clean the sea bed and surrounding reefs. We have teamed up to build the very first Marine Litter Collection Station in the Saronic Gulf - that's right!

The number of tourists visiting the Greek Islands continue to grow every year, but many islands struggle to maintain the coinciding rubbish and preserve the environment. We have made a commitment to improve marine pollution and help keep the clear blue seas of Greece pristine. The project will be based on the island of Poros. And while the main focus will be the collection and recycling of marine litter, Aegean Rebreath will also be providing educational awareness and training seminars to local communities; particularly for schools, fishermen and sailing operators.

The partnership will kick-off with a ‘Weekend Harbour Clean-Up’ on September 7 & 8th. This will be a joint effort with the help of our teams and more importantly, the local community. This is a first of its kind opportunity within the Saronic Gulf for the sailing and local communities to team up and tackle an ever-growing issue. Aegean Rebreath is excited to begin the newly formed partnership that will truly make an impact on the very special and magnificent natural environment in Greece.

"We are elated to be partnering this year with Aegean Rebreath in order to give back to the communities we work so closely with. We hope the marine litter station will help kick start a bigger trend in the Saronic Gulf and across the Mediterranean, for everyone to implement better practices in supporting the sea that we so deeply cherish." -Seanan Denizot, Greece Operations Manager for The Yacht Week

"We are really happy for establishing a partnership with The Yacht Week that clearly represents the interest of the sailing community to contribute to the global fight against marine pollution. We believe that such a partnership will provide a concrete example of what synergies can produce." - Aegean Rebreath

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