Inside a Lagoon 52

Ella Thorogood

By Ella Thorogood

Posted on 18th October 2019

So you've heard we're giving away a week on a Lagoon 52 next summer and you're here because, well, we keep telling you you want to sail on this boat but you want to truly understand why. Not to fear, we're here to give you all the info you need. So get ready, by the end of this blog you'll be ready to book straight away for the chance to spend a week on TYW in luxury.


Now for some things in life I think we can accept, size really does matter. The Lagoon 52 is the biggest yacht we have in our fleet and those extra inch...sorry feet, make all the difference.

If you're a sun-lover and you're all about that tanning space then boy is this the yacht for you. It doesn't have just one lounge area, but THREE! That's right, that means there is space for you and all your mates to spread out and top up that tan. Or even if tanning isn't at the top of your holiday priorities then you've got all the space you could dream of for relaxing and enjoying the stunning scenery as you sail. OR if you're not about relaxing and a G&T and a boogie is at the top of your list then where better to enjoy a nice cold one and create a makeshift dance-floor than the lounges of a 52ft yacht.


With this amazing giveaway you will also receive a complimentary host so you won't have to worry about your meals throughout the week, they'll be there to keep you fed and alive and also be your hype-gal/guy whenever you need them (yes, they're that good). And in this Lagoon 52 you will give them a large, gorgeous kitchen to cook your amazing meals in and you also have the perfect table to sit round for all your pre-drinks needs.

To complete this tour of the luxe-life dreamboat, let's take a look at the cabins. On the Lagoon 52, you get not 4, not 5...but 6 cabins! So whether there's a big group of you to fill your party boat or a smaller group cos you want your own space to starfish at night; this yacht has it all. Not only are the cabins noticeably larger than those on most other yachts (due to those extra inch...sorry feet, we talked about earlier), every cabin also has it's own en suite!

Oh and did we mention, ALL THE AIRCON YOU COULD DREAM OF!

So come on sailors, what are you waiting for? Not only could you be sailing on this luxury yacht for a week next summer, but you could be doing it all for free (who turns down the opportunity for a free yacht for the week #amirite).

You have up until the 27th of October 2019 to get your paws on this helluva prize. Enter yourself in these three simple steps:

1. Book any yacht in Croatia (Original and Ultra) or Greece before October 27 and pay your first instalment on the booking to be automatically entered into our competition to win a Lagoon 52 valued up to €28,500

2. The winner will be drawn by a random generator and will be contacted by the team to answer one simple question.

3. Answer the question correctly, and BOOM you have the ultimate super-yacht waiting for you next summer. Answer it incorrectly, and unfortunately, it's back to the lucky dip.

If you are the lucky winner, we will refund you the entirety of your booking and hook you up with a complimentary host to put the finishing touches on your luxe-week. So, strike while the offer's hot; rally your crew, book yourself a yacht and pray to the flotilla-gods that your upgrade dreams are answered. Bookings open 24th October 5PM BST. Gather your crew now and don't miss out!

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