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The Yacht Week

By The Yacht Week

Posted on 27th April 2020

Travelling to Tahiti

Tahiti is 5000 miles from the nearest continent. To get to the islands you will need to fly to Faa’a International Airport. A flight to Tahiti will take you 8 hrs from Los Angeles and 9 hours from Sydney. The check-in marina is a further 1 hour 'hopper flight' from the main airport. 


Raiatea Airport (RFP) is the closest airport to the starting marina. You will need to fly via Faa’a International Airport (PPT) to get there. We recommend using a search engine to find the best flights:

Expedia –

SkyScanner –


We recommend using VisaHQ to find out if you require any visas to enter the country -

Getting to your marina

Raiatea Airport to Marina d'Uturoa

The marina is 2km from the airport so it's best to take a taxi. On arrival taxis are available to take you to the marina.

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