Ultra 2020 Postponement FAQs

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By Yacht Week

Posted on 22nd May 2020


When is the deadline to submit the form?

Your lead booker will need to complete the form by 5th June. If you need any advice on what option works best for your group, our Customer Service team is here to help!

What happens if I rebook for later this summer, but that event is also unable to go ahead?

If we aren’t able to run our events later this summer, then you’ll have exactly the same options as those in our original email. We promise to let you know a minimum of 30 days prior to the departure date of your trip if the event will go ahead or not.

Will there be a price difference if I want to rebook my trip?

If you are able to rebook the same yacht for the same dates next summer, then we can ensure it’ll be the same price as you paid this year! However if you rebook a different destination, date or yacht then your new yacht total will be updated to reflect this new change.

Now that Ultra Festival has been cancelled, will I be able to receive a refund for my tickets?

If you have paid in full for your booking, then we can refund your tickets as part of your 60% refund that can be processed now. If you have not paid your final instalment, then your Ultra tickets have not been charged to you yet.

Can I move my booking to another week in 2020?

Yes, we can remove the Ultra tickets, deduct them from your booking total and then you can pick a new route and dates. If you are a music fan, then Week 33 on our Croatia Original route is a great option as we have dance music legend Weiss headlining.

I’d like to come on Ultra Route next year instead, is this possible?

Absolutely! We can swap you over to 2021 - same yacht, same Ultra week, same price. Easy! 

I’d like to rebook, but I can’t confirm my dates just yet. What option should I pick?

We recommend selecting the Refund Credit Note option if you and your group aren’t sure which new dates will work best for you yet.

If you can rebook your trip before your original departure date, then we can match your 2020 pricing and drinks onboard your yacht will be on us!

What if I rebook, but then my plans change and I can’t attend any more?

Not a problem, you are allowed one swap before 30th September 2020 with no additional fees. You can also cancel your reservation and receive a Refund Credit Note with no cancellation fees, simply let us know before 30th September.

What’s included in the free onboard drinks if I can rebook now?

If you rebook a yacht for later this summer or for 2021, then you’ll receive a selection of our favourite beers, spirits, mixers and champagne for you and your crew to enjoy - the full list can be found here!

If you rebook a cabin for later this summer or for 2021, then we’ll provide you with some spirits and champagne to enjoy with your cabin mate - more details can be found here! 

In order to take advantage of this offer, remember to rebook before your original departure date. 

Our group wants to select different options, what should we do?

If you have a split decision within your group about how to go ahead, then the best option for your booking is to select the Refund Credit Note option. Credit is held on a 'per person' basis - which means each person holds credit for the exact amount that they have paid to The Yacht Week directly. Each person listed on a booking can choose to spend the credit however they wish (so you can either rebook with your original group, or spend your own credit separately).

Why are you offering Refund Credit Notes?

We have been advised by our travel board ABTA that it is reasonable to offer guests a Refund Credit Note in place of a cash refund. As is standard across the travel industry in the UK, Refund Credit Notes have been introduced to replace immediate cash refunds, which are not feasible for many travel companies due to the large scale cancellations. You can read more about this here.

What can I spend my Refund Credit Note on?

You can spend your Refund Credit Note on any trip within the Day8 Experiences group. This includes The Ski Week (think The Yacht Week, but swap the sea for the slopes), OH!SO (road trips and unique travel experiences in the world’s finest adventure spots.) or Yachts & Friends (a more relaxed sailing experience).

When does my Refund Credit Note expire and when can I redeem it for a cash refund?

Your credit is valid indefinitely, so there is no deadline to use it by. If you haven’t used it by 28th February 2021 and don’t want to attend another trip with us, then you can submit your decision to redeem it for a cash refund on your booking page. 

Why can only guests who have paid their 60% final installment receive a refund now?

We have commitments to make to our yachting suppliers for each and every yacht reservation our guests make. Each time a payment instalment is made, we then have to pass along this payment to our suppliers. This means that the first instalment payments that were made at the time of booking and the second instalment payments made shortly after have therefore already been paid across to the yachting companies.

The yachting companies are only able to provide us with booking credit at this moment (as is standard across the travel industry at the moment). This means that we need a few months to recover this amount from them, before we can pass it along to you if you don’t wish to sail on a new trip with us.

For bookings which have completed the final 60% instalment, we can offer this as an immediate refund as we have been able to make the necessary arrangements with the yachting companies to accommodate this.

How will I receive a refund for my final instalment?

Simply select this option when filling out the form and our Customer Service team will be in touch with your lead booker to discuss how your group wishes to distribute the refund between its members. Please allow up to 14 days for this to be processed once the form has been filled out and the details have been confirmed with the lead booker.

Is my Refund Credit Note protected?

Yes, as per our terms and conditions we hold financial failure insurance. If you are a guest from the EEA then you will be covered in terms of our insurance . If you are not from the EEA then you will most likely be covered by your personal travel insurance in the unlikely event that the business is no longer able to trade. We have managed to get all of your deposits held by the charter companies as a credit and so we are in a very stable position to be able to transfer your booking over and trade into next year. 

What will happen to my remaining instalment deadline dates if I rebook a new trip?

If you rebook a new trip (either for later in the summer or in 2021), then we can of course offer some flexibility on the dates for your remaining instalments to be paid. These new deadline dates will reflect the new date of your booking (and you’ll see them updated on your new booking). You and your group can make any payments between now and then as you wish!

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