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Posted on 21st December 2020


All international flights to French Polynesia arrive into Faa'a International Airport (PPT) on the island of Tahiti. There are a number of airline options available for the journey. We flew with Air Tahiti Nui and were very impressed with the service. The prices were competitive and the Polynesian theme helped make the experience feel like it started in Paris. 

  • We recommend booking directly with Air Tahiti Nui for the best price and conditions.
  • Enter {code} when you are book for an exclusive TYW discount. 
  • We recommend flying to Tahiti on Friday before check-in ready to travel to Raiatea on a Saturday flight. (see below)

Local Flights

Guests will need to catch a 45-minute flight from Faa'a International Airport to Raiatea Airport (RFP). The route is operated by Air Tahiti (not to be confused with Air Tahiti Nui). There are a number of flights per day and we recommend catching a relatively early one in case of delays or cancellations. 

  • Air Tahiti has a strict luggage policy so ensure you book enough luggage weight. 
  • Top tip - bring along your PADI scuba diving licence to get an extra 5kg for free. 
  • Air Tahiti only allow 5kg in your carry on so pack accordingly. 
  • Allow at least 2 hrs between your international and local flight to allow for customs and delays. 

Book early

Flights to French Polynesia are limited, especially the local flights between islands. We recommend booking early to get your seat. Even now, there was a fully booked flight returning to LAX on the day of our departure. For the local flights, if you are having issues with availability, please contact and we can give you some options as we are in regular contact with Air Tahiti.


We strongly recommend a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers flight delays and cancellation.

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