Gifts for the Post-Pandemic World


By Johan

Posted on 16th December 2020

We all have that one friend or family member who, every time you catch up, wastes no time in telling you all about the next big adventure they are planning. As I’m sure you can imagine, our office is unashamedly full of adventurous souls and we can’t stop talking about new plans and bits of gear we can’t wait to try out. With the holidays rapidly approaching and 2021 showing great promise in terms of travel, we thought we’d run through a few of the gadgets that we think will make life easier during The Yacht Week, as well as on the road and in the air.


A good quality, comfortable set of headphones can make or break you during those long transfers. Even more so, many of us have had our traveling experiences (and ability to sleep on a flight) improved by modern noise-cancelling technology.

If you’re a fan of an over-ear style, you can’t go wrong with the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II. While they are a little on the bulky side the noise-cancelling and comfort levels are unrivalled allowing these to be worn for long periods of time. Combined with top-quality construction and sound these are the only choice for audiophiles on the go. If something smaller is more your speed, the Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless headphones are an in-ear option that achieves everything the QuietComfort’s do on a packet-sized scale. While this does sacrifice a measure of comfort and noise-cancelling, the Sony WF’s size and price make it an attractive option.


At the Yacht Week, we believe in function when it comes to luggage. While we can certainly appreciate that getting all those wonderful outfits to the marina requires some serious real-estate, there are no walk-in wardrobes on the boats. Unless you’re happy to step-over your hard suitcase in the hallway all week, soft-cases are a must. There are a number of brands that do this really well but for life on board, we like the Aeronaut 45 from Tom Bihn.

Made in the USA, the Aeronaut 45 is a 45L, maximum-size duffel bag that can also be slung over the shoulder or on your back. Scaled for every airline’s international carry-on requirements, you can’t go wrong with the Aeronaut.

Portable charger

All yachts are equipped with powerpoints to charge electronics however, depending on your crew’s affinity for Instagram they may not be enough to keep everyone’s gear at 100%. For this reason, westrongly suggest investing in a good-quality portable charger. A tried and tested option that won’t break the bank is the Anker PowerCore 20,100.

While it is a little chunky and does not support quick-charging these are minor inconveniences. Providing you remember to charge the whole battery before setting sail, this little beauty can recharge an iPhone 8+ 7-8 times before running dry.

Bluetooth speaker

Having tunes on the go is a critical part of any trip and The Yacht Week is no different. You can’t always rely on the event crew hoisting round a Soundboks 24/7. If you’re unfamiliar with the Ultimate Ears (UE) products then it's time to get acquainted.

The UE Boom 3 is a super-portable bluetooth speaker that packs a serious punch and, most importantly on The Yacht Week, it’s waterproof. Available in a range of colours, able to be submerged for up to 30minutes, the UE Boom range (including the larger MegaBoom) is the ideal choice for all on-water activities. Did we mention that they also float?

Keep track of it all

It’s easy to get excited and misplace those all-too-important items when getting ready to disembark or head to an event. The Tile gadgets help keep track of essentials such as your phone, wallet or anything else you might need.

Using Bluetooth 4.0, each ‘tile’ is attached to an item and tracked via an application. If you’ve lost something with a tile attached, you can ping that specific tile via the app and it will display the location on-screen as well as emitting a ping to help discovery.

Blenders Eyewear

These guys are anything but ordinary. Daring designs with names like Heart Rush and Crystal Wave mean that from behind a pair of Blenders sunglasses, you’ll look your most adventurous.

Founder, surf instructor and a man with the perfect name for a San Diegan sunglasses entrepreneur, Chase Fisher, created the brand in the eclectic melting pot of San Diego with a simple idea – make sunglasses that look like nothing like anything else out there.
For 25% off your order, use the code TYWBlendersTreat25


Vacay Swimwear is an Australian brand that strives to meet the highest standard of style and comfort when creating unique swim and resort wear. We met these lovable Aussies on our Ultra Route a few years ago. We were so impressed by the quality of their swimwear that we brought them on board as one of our official partners.
For 20% off your order, us the code #TYWVacayTreat20


Maaji are a columbian imprint that produces eco-friendly swim, beach and activewear. When they’re not busy creating bold and beautiful designs, they are working to help preserve our planet. Their ‘Earth-Warrior’ ethos underpins everything having led them to support countless sustainability projects all over the world.
For 25% off your order, use the code #TYWMaajiTreat.

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