Hike up your sense of adventure

Nina Zrinski

By Nina Zrinski

Posted on 14th December 2020

Pressures of life, as well as social media, can make it difficult to escape from everyday chaos to a place where we can take that one calming breath. Even on holiday, it has become hard to zone out and reach that place of peace, that personal zen. However, it's so important to take a step back and let go of all of the noise built up in our everyday lives. A great way to unwind, relax and to truly discover a destination is to set off the beaten track and hike up your sense of adventure. We bring you three spectacular hikes that you can conquer on route all The Yacht Week destinations.


Kotor itself is such a charming town set in a gorgeous bay surrounded by the most dramatic mountains. The town is like a Middle Age maze that leads to a 9th-century fortress. The views the 1200m hike up the fortification via 1350 steps to a height of 260m above sea level provides are more than rewarding. We have guided hiking trips to the fortress on all of our Montenegro events.


Get a dingy from the raft to shore once moored in Dokos. Pick your way through the trees following the natural path of the land (helpfully eroded away by the resident goats) to reach the rocky pinnacle for a hike to remember. This leg-stretch guarantees panoramic views of the Aegean, and is one all guests who have booked onto one of our Greek tours can enjoy.


Sail into Jost Van Dyke and temporarily press pause on the Painkillers to experience another kind of Caribbean rush. Picking your way through the mountain track will take your breath away in more ways than one; a welcome cardio interval to revive your body after nothing but sun, sea and sunbathing and one hell of a view to reward you with.

Your week at The Yacht Week is absolutely what you make it. And even though we pride in being a floating festival, our events are set in some of the worlds most breathtaking destinations that we inspire you to explore and discover. So if its adventure you seek, hike up views that will make your knees weak.

Written by: Nikolina Zrinski

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