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Posted on 23rd December 2020

We know that 2020 has been a tricky year, and that committing to a holiday for 2021 might seem a bit daunting right now. So to help our 2020 guests maximise their credit if they’d like to come back and travel with us in the future, we are running a promotion where any trip booked throughout 2021 (for an event in 2021 or ahead into 2022) using credit will receive a 10% uplift on their credit value. So if you book a trip using the credit you hold with us, we will gift you an additional 10% to use towards the trip! This can be used to upgrade your experience to get a nicer yacht or splash out on some onsite extras, it's completely up to you.

As you have credit with us you will have early access to all events, including any new destinations for 2022! You can use your credit across all of our brands so this includes The Yacht Week, The Ski Week, Yachts and Friends and even private charters. You’re spoilt for choice! If you’re having a bit of trouble deciding what to pick, we’re here to help. Have a scroll to find out about all the different brands and events you could be part of.

The Yacht Week

Croatia Original

Our first floating festival, the Original Route has everything you could want - seaside yoga sessions, castle hikes, island Vespa rides, sunset dinners, swimming in secluded bays… oh, and the parties. From our St Tropez-inspired Riviera Chic Party to our Buzz Boat featuring DJs spinning tunes for every one of our famous Circle Raft Parties, this route is perfect for those who want to explore all day and dance all night.

Croatia Ultra

If you're a fan of EDM, then you can't miss our Ultra Route. Imagine combining some of the best bits of our Original Route with tickets to the Ultra Europe Festival? Featuring some of the world's top DJs at one of the most outstandingly produced festivals you can ever imagine, you'll roll deep up to Ultra with a whole fleet of yachts packed with fellow music enthusiasts. Talk about arriving in style. This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to ride the wave of excitement between partying and exploring.

Croatia Hideout

Brand new route for 2021 on the North Croatian coast, The Yacht Week meets Hideout Festival. Beach bars. Pool parties. Raft parties, and of course… The Buzz Boat! Exclusive shows from the likes of Gorgon City, Hannah Wants and Fisher. Sitting along Croatia’s stunning beach cove, Zrce Beach, five open-air venues will host the week-long party.


If you like to combine tasty amounts of adventure and partying with a healthy dose of wellness and chilling, then give our Athens Route a try. We've tailored the vibe of this floating festival for those who really enjoy the balance. Taking in ancient cities, charming islands and beautiful bays, you'll be treated to not one but two raft parties - plus seaside yoga, beach volleyball, and themed islands celebrations, complete with DJs and dress-ups.

The Yacht Week party at Ermioni, Greece


Nestled between Croatia and Albania on the Adriatic coast, the tiny Balkan country of Montenegro is a bit of an undiscovered gem when it comes to Mediterranean holidays. The dramatic mountains rising out of sparkling azure bays, edged by medieval villages make Montenegro unlike any other destination you've ever visited. And the best part? You can see all its best bits by boat!


Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a mainly mountainous region, with a vast and charming, yet bittersweet, natural environment. Best known for its exceptional local cuisine & wild terrain, this is the perfect opportunity to experience this legendary island from the best seat in the house! We'll explore amazing spots from Olbia and Poltu Quatu to Bonifacio on the tip of Corsica, you're in for one helluva week.

British Virgin Islands 2022

Swaying palms, white sand beaches and crystal clear water is only the beginning of your British Virgin Islands adventure. Add friendly locals, flavoured rum, reggae tunes and a whole fleet of new friends and you’re set for the best week of your life! Whether it’s a New Years bash or spring sailing you’re looking for, this tropical paradise is the ideal place to do it.

Tahiti 2022

We're heading for a South Pacific dream as we bring The Yacht Week vibes to the tropical Tahitian islands. During the week we will be visiting some of the most gorgeous islands in French Polynesia, including the bucket-list-worthy destination Bora Bora. With amazing surf breaks, pearl farms, an underwater world teeming with life and much more, you'll never be short of new adventures in Tahiti.

Yachts and Friends

Yachts and Friends, launching in January 2021, is a boutique sailing experience, focussed on small luxury flotillas, handpicked destinations, curated local adventures and culinary delights. Each yacht has its own professional skipper and onboard chef, so you can relax and let us take care of your hassle-free holiday. Each destination is selected for the variety of experiences they offer you, there will be our classic experiences in Croatia, Greece and Tahiti plus a host of signature experiences if you want to try something new. From exploring rolling vineyards and breathtaking volcano hikes to mastering cooking classes and sampling local delicacies, we've ensured each itinerary is unique. So if you're a cultured, curious and chilled traveller, Yachts and Friends is the perfect adventure for you.

Group of yachts sailing at Athens, Greece on The Yacht Week

Private Charter

We also offer private bespoke charters without the flotilla, just your friends on your own yacht. Choose the exact week and destination you wish to sail, and add one of our trusty skippers and hosts to design the perfect route for your crew and guide you through your tailored adventure! And you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of destination as we have a whole bunch to choose from including Greece, Italy, Tahiti, Sweden, USVIs and more.

The Ski Week

Niseko, Japan

The event for explorers - welcome to the powder Mecca of the world famous, for some of the best backcountry on this planet. During the week, expect a deep dive into Japanese culture. From slope-side breaks in hot onsen baths to singing the night away in a karaoke room… Learn to make sushi with our private chefs, and indulge in a steaming bowl of ramen after a long day on the mountain. This adventure goes beyond the boundaries of any regular ski trip, our TSW guides have done their homework and will show you the local secrets of Niseko.

Chamonix, France

Chamonix is called The Ski Capital of the World for good reason... Peaking at 3,275m, this world renowned resort boasts superb snow conditions and a diverse terrain. We've been beckoned by Mont Blanc herself to experience the exhilarating skiing Chamonix has to offer. Cross the pond, indulge at the mountain banquet and sport your country flag, all with a breathtaking backdrop of the French Alps. There’s a new way to ski the world and it goes beyond the realm of first and last lifts.

Aspen, USA

Experience spring skiing at it’s finest. Live the mountain dream under blazing blue skies, host huge long-table banquets, ski right to the dance floor, and out-dance the sunset every day. The legendary peaks of Aspen Snowmass is the perfect gateway to experience the North American ski world in a week-long outdoor celebration of life, travel, and adventure.

The Ski Week 2022

TSW has already an epic line up for 2022 returning to some of the classics, we are more than excited that TSW Japan is back on the map once more! But that’s not all, hold tight powder people, there are whispers of another legendary adventure being re-ignited. Between every two pines is a doorway to a new adventure… We’ll be the first to say we’ve not dived into nearly enough powder in 2020, so here’s to clearer skies and snowier mountain tops next year!

If you're ready to use your credit or just need some questions answered then contact our Customer Service Team who will be able to book you onto your new adventure or help you with anything else you need. Let's make 2021 count.

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