Mads/Klynk/Bladtkramer's top 5 moments on TYW


By Johan

Posted on 21st January 2021

Unless you’re a skipper or host, not many individuals can claim to have spent more time on The Yacht Week than Mads Bladtkramer. Formerly known as Bladtkramer, this long-haired Danish goofball has been rocking TYW’s dance floors for over five seasons now and is always a major highlight of every event he is booked for. Rebranding under a new alias in 2020 - Klynk - we thought it was time to ask Mads what have been his favourite moments whilst on The Yacht Week over the years.

Disregarding how mean it is to have me select only 5 top moments when I have so many, and how badly 2020 has made me miss all of these places and people, here are my Top 5 DJ moments with the Yacht Week:

DJ’s can sail too! - Croatia (Original)

The company treated the DJs and some of the staff to a Catamaran for one of the weeks during the Croatia 2017 original route, long story short, we hosted an after party after what turned out to be a legendary Tunnel Raft event. We set up some decks, cranked the volume and played old pop punk bangers like Blink 182, The Offspring etc all night and I think we had all of Yacht Week on our Yacht singing at the top of their lungs. Everyone was raging along together showing nothing but love and making the best kind of memories.

Gorgon City’s Circle Raft Set - Croatia (Original)

Next up is the 2019 Circle Raft party with Gorgon City, and Mixmag. I did the warm up, the boys crushed it, and it was exactly what a circle raft should be. Deliciously held back but powerful house grooves, so much attention to detail and production, absolutely amazing vibes from everyone

Disco, House B-sides, Funk and Class - Montenegro (Adriatic Coast)

Next is a little party we threw at the Port of Montenegro, for the, yep you guessed it, Yacht Week Montenegro route. This marina is considered the ultimate super yacht port of the world, so suffice to say the surroundings of this event looked like something out of The Wolf of Wall Street. What made it so special was I decided to do a super held back Disco and Funk set, full of my favorite B-sides and strange disco cuts, and not to put too much pineapple in my own juice here, but that choice of music and vibe just connected with every person there in a way that was truly magical. We all danced till we passed out. Fabulous.

Beers and b2b’s with the Crew

At number two we have Greece 2017 Resident DJs week. The Company decided to bring out all the resident DJ’s for, I think it was the opening week to kick of the season, anywho, the other residents are some of my favorite people, and to have us all on one big catamaran doing back to back to back DJ sets all week, vibing off each other, trying to outdo each other and a slightly below classy level of intoxication made for an unforgettable week.

The last time we danced together…

At first place we have 2019 closing week. The very last time I attended a normal yacht week, before the world was sent to the hospital. Closing week is very special because everyone working the festival season, DJs, all the staff, all the skippers, hostesses, interns etc. just party like we’re 18 again celebrating a great season, celebrating the end of summer. 2019 was extra special because of the people that were there that final week, back to back sets with fellow resident DJ and Xtremejerry Pauly Loz, and of course because of how 2020 makes that week look in contrast.

While I’m here, my favourite top 3 moments all around (and a few honorable mentions) are:

Ultra Beach party on Hvar, The Yacht Week Ultra route with fellow resident and one of my bff’s Milo S. Company got the staff and DJ’s one of those big fat spread tables sparing no expenses, everyone had to go work the event, leaving Milo and I way too many beverages and like the stingy people we are, we refused to let it all go to waste. So we had no choice but to drink all of it leaving us in a state of pure awesomeness, inviting everyone at the festival up for a dance, I also believe we did a mix-perfect, absolutely flawless DJ set at Kiva Bar afterwards… although that bit is a little blurry…

Skydiving on Hvar, just do it.

Every cliff dive on the route, just do them as well.

We got caught in a terrible thunderstorm once, to take our minds off the extremely scary situation we cranked the speaker to “It's Raining Men” on full blast, while our skipper was running around literally saving our lives.

Final honorable mention would probably be the NYE BVI’s event. I’m from Scandinavia, winter gets fairly cold, so to spend New Year’s Eve on a perfect bounty beach was something I had never done before, and will never forget.

Catch Klynk in Croatia during the 2021 season and listen to his set from THE Yacht Week of 2020 HERE.

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