Doing The Yacht Week as a duo

Ella Thorogood

By Ella Thorogood

Posted on 7th May 2021

Meet the Anywhere Girls, a fabulous pair who booked themselves on a cabin booking for THE Yacht Week of 2020. We had a quick chat with them to see why they decided to book a cabin and what their experience was like.

First things first, who are you & what made you book a cabin on The Yacht Week?

We are Jen and Ellen, two girls from Sweden and we have been traveling the world full time for 6 years. We have explored some amazing places throughout our travels and are always on the hunt for crazy fun adventures and events. We met so many people around the world who told us we absolutely had to go to the Yacht Week, and this year we thought it was finally time. Said and done, we booked a one way flight to Croatia 3 days before the event in hope of getting some last minute tickets to Yacht Week (yes, we are very bad at planning in advance) and luckily we managed to get on! Thank god, as it’s been one of the most fun weeks we’ve had during our 6 years of traveling.

We know you guys love to travel, tell us about one of your/another most memorable travel experiences?

Traveling to us is the best thing in the world and we’re so lucky to have been able to travel for this long. We’ve been everywhere from Australia to Europe to America and it’s definitely hard to pick a favourite. We’re suckers for adventures, good vibes and of course partying, and we definitely think that the people we meet at the places we visit is the one thing that matters most. Our favourite places in the world with the best vibes are Lagos in Portugal, Queenstown in New Zealand, Budapest in Hungary, Split (and the surrounding islands) in Croatia, Mykonos and Ios in Greece, Canggu in Bali and Sydney in Australia.

You have travelled as a 2 for a while, what things have you learned about each other that no one else would know?

Traveling as a 2 has been the most amazing time and we’re so happy to have found someone with the same dreams, goals and mindset. We always say that great things happen when it’s just the two of us and we always manage to get ourselves into the most hilarious and amazing situations. You definitely learn a lot about each other when you hang out every single day for 6 years for example we’ve learned that both of us love to take every day as it comes, not take anything too seriously and that we can survive a 7 day bender on a yacht in Croatia without problems haha.

They say it takes 2 to tango, what are your signature dance moves?

Haha, we love to dance but we don’t do it very well! If you see us on the dance floor you’ll probably just laugh at us, we dance as ugly as we can but burn as many calories as possible.

Tell us about some of the favourite people you met on your week away?

Before we got to Yacht Week we were so nervous and excited to see who else would be on the boats (especially since this year was also a bit different with covid and everything) and to be honest we could not have asked for a better crew. WOW. We definitely made friends for life and they made our whole week. It definitely brings you closer together when you’re staying with each other a whole week all while exploring beautiful islands, going to crazy events and partying all day long. We have stayed in contact with most people we met on Yacht Week and 7 of them even came to see us where we live now (in Lagos, Portugal) to celebrate Halloween together. Hats off to the staff as well who we also made really good friends with (one of them is also here with us now in Portugal!). It’s amazing how one week together can turn you from strangers into friends for life.

What were some of your favourite memories of your Yacht Week?

It’s so hard to only pick one but the circle raft party is hard to beat for sure! With the floaties, the DJ boat in the middle, jumping from boat to boat, enjoying the sun, dancing with hot boys and laughing our butts off pretty much the whole time it’s a day that we’ll never forget. Also the white party at Carpe Diem beach club followed by going out on Hvar island was an incredible night as well. Can we just say the whole week, haha?

You started with Croatia, which route would you like to do next, and who would you bring with you?

Safe to say all destinations are on the list now! But for next year we really want to do Greece and maybe the Caribbean, and let’s be honest we will probably also end up doing Croatia again. We definitely wanna bring our crew from this year, and we tell everyone we meet on our travels to come as well so it might be a massive crew, can't wait!!

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