Bigger isn't always better


By Johan

Posted on 2nd June 2021

While we all love the mega-festival experience, the post-pandemic world will highlight why smaller events can deliver a life-changing experience. It will be interesting to see how festivals change and develop over the coming years, and while we’re sure they will bounce back stronger than ever, it seems that for now, it’s the turn of the little guys.

Over here at The Yacht Week we are at our core naturally distanced as our main stage is the open ocean: from exclusive parties to social dis-dancing at the circle raft, we can give you your perfect festival bubble without having to change our core experience. Capitalising on smaller crowds, more intimate venues and world-famous hospitality our gorgeous destinations are ready and waiting for us to return.

The Yacht Week circle raft in Porto Heli
The Yacht Week Circle Raft in Porto Heli

We can’t wait to get back out on the water with you so here are five reasons why partying with 500 people on The Yacht Week is better than 30,000.

1. Events can be safely run in a post-pandemic world

Social distancing within a crowd of 30,000 is pretty difficult even when outside. This isn’t an issue for us as we have already run a successful covid-safe event during September 2020 in Croatia!

2. Local tips

We don’t like tourist traps and we know you don’t either. Every day our event staff will drop round to highlight the best things to do in each location while your skipper fills in the gaps with swim stops in secluded bays.

3. International artists, local vibe

We LOVE our residents and are lucky to work with some of the most talented artists from all over the world. In addition to our world-class resident DJ’s, we were lucky to host Goldroom during 2018 and 2019 in Montenegro and are welcoming the mighty Applebum UK collective back to Greece and Croatia in 2021.

The Yacht Week party at Ermioni, Greece
The Yacht Week party at Ermioni, Greece

4. Balance is key

While it is sometimes difficult to slow down and take a moment at a multi-day festival, that isn’t an issue for The Yacht Week. We balance adventure and partying with a healthy drop of relaxation. If you feel like dipping out and finishing off that book or taking a nap while cruising through picturesque islands, we won’t judge!

5. You will leave with 499 new friends

Something that is not possible at a 2-3 day festival with tens of thousands is getting to know EVERYONE you are travelling with. Our events run for a week at a time so by the end of the seven days, you’ll be very well acquainted with our staff and your fellow yacht-weekers… for better or worse.

Your festival summer isn’t over yet sailors. Give yourself a week to reconnect with your friends and the world, and make up for every celebration you missed in the world’s only naturally distanced festival - a floating one.

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