Ella Thorogood

By Ella Thorogood

Posted on 13th August 2021

In July Abby Silverman from Cosmo joined us for a week on The Yacht Week in Greece. After a week like no other exploring the beauty of Greece and experiencing Yacht Week at it's best, Abby has given us a review that is a must read if you're thinking about joining us too.

"So come along with me on the "Mamma Mia" adventure of my dreams—from the immaculate vibes to what it's like to live on a boat to the exciting activities you get to partake in—and see what it's like to live out Yacht Week IRL. And if you're ever planning to go (because, honestly, you'll probably be convinced after reading all about my experience), I've got you covered on allll the recommendations."

Read the full article here.

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