The Yacht Week X Blenders 2021

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 19th August 2021

We always want to give our beloved community the best experience possible. Which is why we make sure to always grab any opportunity to upgrade your trip, and sailors it’s happened again. For another year we’ve teamed up with leading US sunglasses brand Blenders Eyewear to bring you the shades of the summer. ‘Cos friends, the week of your life deserves the look of the year.

Together we’ve created the perfect custom frame, based on the classic Blenders Sydney style, these limited edition pairs come with a blue or black polarized lens, with a little colour to dust off the crystal clear frame. So if you need the perfect accessory to complete your Riviera Chic outfit, or if you just want to look absolute fire in your Insta story to make all your mates green with envy as you relax on a 50ft yacht, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do they step up your look, but they also give you complete UV protection, what’s not to love!

These epic shades from Blenders will make you the talk of the raft. So if you’ve already joined us this season, get the perfect memento for your trip. Or if you’re lucky enough to still have your week ahead of you then you know what you’ve gotta do to make sure you always look good for your Yacht Week experience of a lifetime. Head over to Blenders website and choose the colour to suit your style.

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