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By Johan

Posted on 14th October 2021

Anyone who has been on TYW knows that the real MVP's are the hosts! Getting up at the crack of dawn to prepare breakfast spreads fit for kings and clean up the party from the night before is a difficult task at the best of times, but after dancing the night away at some of the most unique locations in the world, well that is truly legendary. 

We chatted to some of the newest hosts to join the ever growing TYW family, to get the T on what it's really like to have the best job in the world...

Miriam Bachmann, 26, Germany

When did you start working for Quarterdeck and what made you get involved?

Ive started working for Quarterdeck in summer 2021. After being a guest of TYW in Croatia in 2019 I absolutely fell in love with being out on the water and knew that I wanted to become a part of the Quarterdeck team. I applied the same year but due to the pandemic, everything was unfortunately postponed a little bit. 2021 then finally was the year I could take part in the academy and start working for Quarterdeck. I am beyond grateful for all the experiences Ive made so far and I can't wait to spend more weeks out on the water with QD.

What did you do before you applied to the Quarterdeck Academy?

After graduating from school I did an apprenticeship as an event manager and my bachelor in business administration and event management. I then worked as an event manager for a venue for a couple of years where I organised all sorts of  concerts and different shows until I decided to apply for the academy and become a host for Quarterdeck.

How would you say your life has changed from then until now?

My life has definitely changed a lot since completing the academy and starting to work for Quarterdeck. I've quit my old full time job, started working for QD and switched to a completely different lifestyle...and I couldn`t be happier about it.The past summer really made me realise how much I love being out on the water, hosting guests from all over the world and working as a part of the QD team.

What is your favourite part about the QD community? 

Pretty much everything. It feels like being part of a big family. The support amongst each other is amazing and being able to work, hang out and party with your host and skipper friends every single day is simply awesome.

How would you summarise a day in the life of a host?

Every day is always a bit different depending on the daily schedule and your crew but as a host you usually get up around 6.30/7am, start preparing breakfast for your guests and help your skipper with getting the boat ready to sail. During breakfast you inform your guests about the daily schedule, the party, what activities are offered etc. After serving breakfast you clean up, do the dishes and start prepping lunch. I always try to prepare as much as possible since that will save you a lot of time later in the day. After serving lunch around 1pm you`ll clean up again to make sure the galley looks spotless for the rest of the day. In the afternoon you usually have some free time to hang out with your crew and your host/skipper friends or to go for a little dip in the ocean before you head out to dinner with your guests around 7pm and enjoy the rest of the night at the party.

What is your favourite part about being a host?

It is really hard to choose one specific favourite part since there are so many aspects of being a host that I absolutely love, but I´d say one of the things I like most about being a host is being able to contribute to giving my guests the best vacation ever and an unforgettable week out on the water. Also, being part of the Quarterdeck community and being surrounded by your friends 24/7 is pretty amazing.

Describe a memory from TYW or QD that you know will stay with you forever?

It is nearly impossible to choose just one of all the countless amazing memories I've made so far while working for Quarterdeck, but if I had to choose one specific memory that will stay with me forever it would probably be the Quarterdeck reunion that took place at the end of the past summer season. The whole Quarterdeck community came together to have a big event at Vanilla nightclub in Split, Croatia to look back on what they pulled off during the summer, especially considering the circumstances, and to celebrate the past season. 

If you could give someone one piece of advice before they go on the QD academy what would it be?

Do a lot of research and try to prepare as much as possible. You´'re going to have an amazing week during the QD academy if you do so. Try to cook as much as possible for your friends and family, prepare meals and menu plans for different dietary restrictions, practice your plating skills etc...and get excited for an amazing & eventful week out on the water!

Emma Fischer, 25, Canada

When did you start working for Quarterdeck and what made you get involved!?

I started working for Quarterdeck this year, May 2021! One of my old flatmates participated in TYW as a guest and raved about it to me so I started doing some research and tried to figure out a way I could work for them! I started to really enjoy cooking over lockdown so it just seemed like a match made in heaven!

What did you do before you applied to the Quarterdeck Academy?
Before applying to QD Academy I had just recently graduated my masters in Fashion Communications but thanks to Covid was unsuccessful in getting a job in that field so I was working at this awesome local Italian restaurant in my hometown and I loved (and still love) it so much! It ended up being the perfect segway into QD Academy!

How would you say your life has changed from then until now?

My life has changed tremendously in the best way possible! I always tell people that this past season was the biggest growth experience in my life. I learned so much not just on a cooking level but on a personal level - I can handle way more than I thought I could and I’ve made a bunch of new friends who became family. Safe to say I can go to almost any corner of the globe and I’ll find somebody I know!

What is your favourite part about the QD community?

The family that is created after day 1. Even coming in brand new you only feel like a newbie for like half a second! Everybody has everybody’s back and we’re all there to see everybody succeed - I know that I could go months without seeing these people and when we’re reunited it’ll be like nothing’s changed!

How would you summarise a day in the life of a host?

Wake up. Sweat. Bang out some delish breakfast or brunch - whatever your crew is feeling. Clean up. Chill out for an hour or so, tan, have a nap. Prep & serve lunch. Clean up lunch. Nap/chill again. Get ready to partyyyyyyyyy and hangout with your crew and friends for the rest of the day/night.

What is your favourite part about being a host/?

Meeting new people every week!! Not just other skips/hosts but new crews from everywhere you could imagine! It’s so cool and so fun to see how quickly you can become close friends with somebody in just a week! Only on TYW!

If you could give someone one piece of advice before they go on the QD academy what would it be?

Bring a soft duffel bag and don’t bring 3 pairs of heels. Trust me I speak from experience.

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