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Posted on 19th October 2021

Booked to join us on The Yacht Week, got your epic yacht, got your legendary skipper, but thinking about adding on a host!? A host is the final cherry on top of the cake when it comes to the perfect Yacht Week, lets find out why...

It's check in day, the very first day of your adventure! You will meet your skipper and host at your home marina, and while you start getting to know them, your skipper will head off and organise the yacht and your host will head to the supermarket. Your host will ask you ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions within your group and therefore will have a pre planned menu so each meal will be carefully thought out to meet these. A couple of people in your group can go along to assist with carrying the shopping, as well as choose all the alcohol. Remember, this isn't their first time so they are the best person to ask for advice on drink quantities and supplies for the week. It is time to head back to the marina and get all this unpacked and ready for the week! Storage on the yachts can be limited, but your host knows all the secrets so prepare to be amazed as they make everything disappear.

Your host is an expert on the islands so when it comes to dinner, they will always have some epic recommendations for you - if you have something specific in mind however, let them know and they will have it booked for you ahead of time.

7am, your host will be up first, getting the yacht cleaned up from the night before and ready to set sail, but don't worry, you won't hear a peep. Breakfast time will be chosen by you and the crew - usually around 9.30/10 as we set sail, you'll want to make the most of these incredible days at sea! Breakfast is served, a breathtaking spread of fresh delights with plenty of options, to shake off the night before and give you fuel for that morning swim. All served with fresh juices, coffee, and why not have a cheeky mimosa?! You are on holiday after all. And don't worry about the clean up, your host will have the yacht back in ship shape in no time. After breakfast it's time for you to relax (what a life?!) while they give the bathrooms a quick spruce and sort out all the trash ready for the skipper to drop on the islands.

Just in time as you are arriving to the next beautiful island on your journey, your host is presenting you with yet another colourful buffet of treats! Remember each host writes their own menu which makes it unique to them, and even more exciting. Want to learn the ropes around the yacht? No problem, your skipper will teach you everything you need to know! If not, your host will be the perfect first mate so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Need more supplies? Your host will re-provision for the yacht most days, so if you need anything specific, just let them know and they will pick it up for you! After lunch it's time for everyone to have a little fun, head off to an exclusive TYW event and dance the night away - need a table reservation? Your host has you covered!

Your host will prepare you breakfast everyday, lunch everyday, and dinner twice throughout the week. These will be on the raft nights when you don't have access to land. Each other night your host will recommend you the top restaurants on the islands depending on your preferences and budget, and make sure you get a reservation. Taking the hassle out of your holiday and ensuring your week is seamless from start to finish. As well as being masters in the kitchen, our hosts are everyones best friend, the real MVPs of the dance floor and we can guarantee they will show you how to party in true TYW style!

After seven days at sea, you will finish not only with unforgettable memories but also a life long friend. Leaving your stomachs and your heart extremely happy. Our hosts are all professionally trained by our partners over at Quarterdeck, where they undergo training from experts to ensure they can provide the best service in the industry. Don't believe us, lets talk to Quarterdeck. You can add a host onto any yacht booking for 2023 so long as there is a cabin for them to sleep.

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