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Posted on 19th October 2021

Booked to join us on The Yacht Week, got your epic yacht, got your legendary skipper, but thinking about adding on a host? A host is the final cherry on top of the cake when it comes to the perfect Yacht Week, lets find out why...

What's included:

✅ 6 breakfasts

✅ 6 lunches

✅ 2 dinners (raft nights when there isn't access to land)

Each other night your host will recommend restaurants on the islands depending on your preferences and budget and make sure you get a reservation!

They will be assigned to your yacht around 2 weeks before you set sail - your host will reach out, introduce themselves, check all crews dietary requirements and any preferences. Each host writes their own menu which makes it unique to you and them, which is even more exciting!

As well as being masters in the kitchen, your host will make sure the yacht is kept clean, taking the hassle out of your holiday and ensuring your week is seamless from start to finish.

Check in day… the first day of your adventure! Check in works a little differently if you have a Cabin Booking or Full Yacht Booking.

Full Yacht Booking - Food is not included in the booking, therefore your host and crew will head to the  supermarket to buy your provisions for the week. 

Cabin Booking - A host and food is included in all cabin booking, excluding Classic Monohull, so don’t worry about going to the supermarket, your host would have already been and stocked up! 

On the nights when you eat on land, please remember to include your skipper and host in your dinner plans, as they will also need feeding.

Even though your host will be a superstar they are not responsible for getting you any drinks for the yacht. Alcoholic and soft drinks are not included in any booking. You will shop for all your drinks on check in day, or can order a drinks package. Grabbing some from duty free can also be a great way to save some cash.

Remember, this isn't their first time so they are the best person to ask for advice on drink quantities and supplies for the week. Storage on the yachts can be limited, but your host knows all the secrets so prepare to be amazed as they make everything disappear.

Our hosts are all professionally trained by our partners over at Quarterdeck, where they undergo training from experts to ensure they can provide the best service in the industry. Don't believe us, lets talk to Quarterdeck. You can add a host onto any yacht booking for 2024 so long as there is a cabin for them to sleep.

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