Music Soundtracks of the The Yacht Week


By Johan

Posted on 14th December 2021

Music is a huge part of The Yacht Week experience and, with so many audiophiles floating around our office, it is something we take pretty seriously. Needless to say, we love our tunes! 

So you can get a taste of what our parties are like, our Head of Entertainment has curated some special playlists based on signature events and moments throughout The Yacht Week experience. Whether you wake up with FKJ, eat lunch listening to Donda, or go to sleep with Disco on your mind, there is something for everyone here to vibe out to before you join us on the water.

Sails Out

Slowing down isn’t a bad thing and is definitely something we encourage during our trips. Whether you are catching up with the crew over a morning coffee, having lunch during an extended swim stop or cracking your first drink of the day, ‘Sails Out’ will provide the perfect soundtrack to those moments. A combination of RnB, Hip Hop, Afro (& Afro House), Electronic, Pop and Downtempo this is for those that like their tunes smooth, yet spicy.

Sail away with me honey

Dockside Disco

It is 2021 and Disco is officially back, what a time to be alive. Becoming a permanent fixture of our events in 2021, Dockside Disco is a return to Studio 54, the 70’s and modern Nu-Disco set in outrageous locations around the world. This one is for the booty-shakers, taste-makers and hype-creators so dust off those flares, bust out 'the hustle' and get ready for some Saturday night fever!

Let's get groovin'

music on tyw - dockside disco

Riviera Chic

No Yacht Week would be complete without our longest-running party and, while also being one of the classiest moments of the week, you better get ready for a big one. Dress to the nines but make sure you can still dance because our DJs will be bringing the heat in true Yacht Week fashion. You can expect a high-energy combination of house, tech and dance classics that will have crowds moving and grooving for hours on end.

Dress up to get down

music on tyw - riviera chic

Sound up your street? Join us this summer and book now!

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