TYW DJ Competition winners 2022


By Johan

Posted on 24th February 2022

In 2022 TYW is making more strides to support up and coming DJs than ever before. For three talented artists, their dream of performing on The Buzz Boat to a packed-out tunnel raft of guests is only a few short months away!

Without further ado, The Yacht Week is very proud to present the winners of our resident DJ competition for 2022: WhoIsToph, MVNGO & sinclair. Originally planning to only select two winners, the level of competition was so high we simply had to bring all three out for a week of TYW-fuelled madness on the water.

Taking to the stage during Week 24 (June 11 - 18) they will be curating a week’s worth of summer-ready, party-starting, club-thumping tunes that will bring guests to their knees. 

(Instagram / Mixtape / Soundcloud / TYW DJ Profile)

(Instagram / Mixtape / Soundcloud / TYW DJ Profile)

(Instagram / Mixtape / Soundcloud)

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