Covid-19 Guide

The Yacht Week

By The Yacht Week

Posted on 27th April 2022

Please note that all information on this page is subject to change alongside government guidance in our destination countries and changes to the global situation. Any major changes will be communicated to bookers directly.

What are The Yacht Week COVID entry requirements for guests?
  • COVID entry requirements for TYW match whatever the entry requirements are for the destination country. 
  • You may be asked to produce proof of vaccination or a negative test mirroring the entry requirements of the destination country at check-in.
What are the entry requirements for my destination?

Please see below links to the relevant government websites for the entry requirements for each of our The Yacht Week destinations:

A useful website for checking destination entry requirements is

What are my options if I (or one of my crew) are unable to attend The Yacht Week due to contracting COVID?
  • We strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance which provides coverage for the cost of your trip in the event you are unable to attend due to contracting COVID. If you or someone in your crew contracts COVID before the event and are unable to attend The Yacht Week, you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Travel insurance covering COVID disruption is widely available and affordable. Speak to our Customer Service team if you need recommendations for what is required in your policy.
What happens if I test positive during The Yacht Week?
  • If you show symptoms and subsequently test positive during your trip you will be required to isolate yourself from the rest of the crew and leave your yacht at the earliest opportunity. This will mean the end of your The Yacht Week trip. You will then need to follow the procedures that are in place for positive cases in the destination country.
Will I be tested for COVID at The Yacht Week check-in?
  • As it stands there will not be any testing at check-in. You may be asked to prove your vaccination status or a negative COVID test in line with the destination country entry requirements. 
  • We reserve the right to introduce stricter COVID screening measures at check-in if the rules in the destination country change.
Is it possible to purchase departure tests for onward flights on The Yacht Week?
  • TYW will not be offering COVID tests for onward flights. We recommend purchasing self-tests in your home country before departure so you can do tests at your leisure by video call.
  • We will provide recommendations of locations where it is possible to purchase departure tests onsite.
Do I need to be vaccinated to attend The Yacht Week?
  • We strongly recommend all guests are fully vaccinated with current booster vaccinations. Unvaccinated guests may not be permitted entry into the destination country. You may also not be permitted entry into bars and restaurants in accordance with local laws.
  • Unvaccinated guests may be permitted to attend The Yacht Week if they can demonstrate they have followed the rules applicable in the destination country.
  • All unvaccinated guests will require a negative COVID test to enter certain venues in accordance with local laws. 
  • Fraudulent tests or vaccination certificates will not be accepted. Guests who submit these will be prevented from attending the events and not offered a refund.
What happens if The Yacht Week needs to cancel due to COVID restrictions
  • If we are unable to run our The Yacht Week event, we will let you know at the earliest possible point. You will be given the option to rebook your trip for an alternative date or destination (subject to availability), receive a credit to use towards another trip in the future or receive a full refund.
  • Changes to the planned itinerary may be necessary to comply with any local restrictions. These will be communicated to you in advance of your trip.

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