Memories from Summer 2022


By Johan

Posted on 9th August 2022

What a summer it has been so far. We have been out in Croatia & Greece since May, making some epic memories and trying out lots of new things! We are joined by sailors from all over the world, and every year it still amazes us how many of you we bring together. Lets take a look at 2022...

How many people sailed? 10174
From how many countries? 55
How many yachts? 963
Croatia: 707
Greece: 191
Ages: 19-65

How many miles travelled by the yachts across the season?

Croatia: 84,840 nautical miles
Greece: 24,830
Total: 109,670

How many beers drunk: 101,115
How many DJ sets: 17,334
How many tunnel rafts: 28

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