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Posted on 20th January 2023

You and your crew may know some of our skippers and hosts personally and wish to nominate them to work on your yacht. We encourage this as we know these connections help make The Yacht Week a truly special experience.

Nominating a Skipper or Host

If you have travelled with us before and been looked after by one of our incredible team you can nominate them to skipper or host on your next trip.

There are a few rules around nominating as sometimes for reasons outside of our control nominations will not be possible so cannot be always guaranteed. We will of course try our best and to have the best chance of nomination success please make sure to do the following: 

  • Any nomination must be made within 7 days from the day you make your booking. If a nomination is not received within 7 days we will assign another qualified skipper or host. 
  • You should only nominate a skipper and host if you know them personally or have sailed with them before. If this is not the case we cannot guarantee that your nomination will be possible. 

What if I don’t nominate a Skipper or Host

Don't worry, you can count on us! All of our skippers and hosts are brilliant and talented mariners who have all undergone specific training as part of The Yacht Week Academy. 

From learning the ropes to serving delicious and nutritious meals, we've got you covered for what will be one of the most epic weeks of your life.

Haven't added a host to your booking?

The host might be optional, but you need one like you need water. You might think, “I can cook, how hard can it be” but try to spend an entire afternoon on a unicorn floatie, downing brews then attempting to cook anything more complicated than cheese toasties (for up to 10 people). 

If having a lovely fruit platter, coffee and french toast waiting for you every morning when you wake up, and lunch waiting for you most afternoons then you won't regret adding one of our incredibly talented hosts to your booking. 

You will need to add a host early as numbers on some weeks can be limited! Contact the team at to add a host to your booking. 

When will I be able to speak to my Skipper and Host?

You will be able to connect to your skipper and host two weeks before your trip via our Yacht Week App. We know sometimes you may want to speak to them from when you book but these guys are busy fulfilling other guests' bucket list dreams and need to focus so we can’t share details with you any sooner (sorry!).

 If you haven't downloaded the app, what are you waiting for?! Download below!

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