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Posted on 27th March 2023

Cabin Bookings, Tahiti

First Point Of Call - Check In Online!

If you haven't already, please check in and fill out your full profile details on your Yacht Week Profile page. If forgotten then it will cause delays to your check in day and more importantly delays in you boarding your yacht!

To check in you need to fill out the following information:

  • Passport Information
  • DOB
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Email

Once all is complete, the last thing to do is press that ‘Check in’  button!

*Don't forget you will need to have at least 6 months validity on your passport to travel so don’t forget to check its expiry!

Check In Day: 🫵

The day has finally arrived! You can smell the exclusive parties and a week of sun! 

Your skipper will be in touch with you and the crew regarding when your yacht will be ready. Check in will be onboard your yacht with The Yacht Week Event Staff. 

Please be in contact with your skipper on Saturday to learn when your yacht is ready. You should have access to your yacht between 3-4pm, your skipper will let you know what marina your yacht will be docked at (Apooti Marina and Marina Uturoa).

Please be advised delays can occur as the yacht is being cleaned and prepared after the previous week’s charter. The Yacht Week is not responsible for any delays to your yacht but we will do our best to work with the charter companies to get you your yacht as early as possible. 

Check out: 👎

You will get back to the marina in the morning on Saturday. The charter company will come onto the yacht to do a check before you leave. you will receive your deposit back provided that no damages have occurred (if you chose the €500 refundable deposit options). You will need to depart the yacht by 9am.

Please note that this could vary depending on weather conditions or if you would like to head back early to catch a flight.


There are no storage possibilities in the marinas so we strongly recommend packing light in a soft/duffle bag to be able to fit all your luggage on the yacht.

Getting there: 🗺

Tahtiti is 5000 miles from the nearest continent. To get to the islands you will need to fly to Faa’a International Airport. A flight to Tahiti will take you 8 hours from Los Angeles and 9 hours from Sydney. The check-in marina is a further 1 hour ‘hopper flight’ from the main airport.

Flights: ✈️

Raiatea Airport (RFP) is the closest airport to the starting marina. You will need to fly via Faa’a International Airport (PPT) to get there.

  • Fly to Faa’a International Airport on the Island of Pape’ete.
  • Fly to Raiatea Airport on the Island of Raiatea.

We recommended booking flights to Raiatea from LAX with Air Tahiti Nui, the national carrier. With daily flights from LAX and Paris, the inflight service and entertainment will kick your trip off with an authentic Polynesian feel!

For the short flight from Papa’ete to Raiatea we recommend using Air Tahiti

There is also a ferry from Papa’ete to Raiatea. Please see here for the timetable..

*There are only sailing every few days.

We will be using two marinas (Marina d’Uturoa and Apooiti Marina), both are less than 2km from the airport in a short journey. Please check your booking for your starting marina.

Any questions, please reach out to our customer service team,

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