How To Channel Your Mamma Mia Fantasy On The Yacht Week Greece

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Posted on 14th March 2023

"My Yacht Week Greece experience was an absolute 10 out of mothereffing 10" - Abby Silverman, Cosmopolitan

Greece, the land of ancient myths and of course a one of a kind floating festival *cough cough* The Yacht Week. If you’re stuck in the rut of city life and looking for a change this Summer, time to channel your inner Donna Sheridan and head out to Greece. If you’re unsure about what to expect, read on to discover how to live like the OG Queen of island hopping on The Yacht Week Greece this year.

Step 1 - Find Your Dynamos 

To truly live like Donna Sheridan, it's about finding your very own Dynamos – a group of fun, loyal and hopefully organised friends to share The Yacht Week journey with, so that trip finally makes it out of the group chat. Together, you can explore the beauty of Greece, whilst partying from dusk til dawn with your besties.

Step 2 - Pack Your Party Fits 

Donna Sheridan is known for her iconic outfits and knowing how to dress for the occasion, this year The Yacht Week is bringing the heat with not one, but two new dress code themes for our legendary parties. So bring out the sparkles and grab those sequins because you're about to dance the night away at Cavo Bianco and SEEN like the disco diva you were born to be.

Step 3 - Get Ready To Set Sail 

We can't promise you'll meet Bill Anderson on board, but we can guarantee a warm welcome from our team of expert skippers and hosts. They'll guide you through the beauty of Greece from Athens to Love Bay, showing you the ropes of The Yacht Week and making sure you have the time of your life. From the thrill of sailing in a fleet to partying on a line raft, you'll be living it up at sea - just make sure to pack your floatie and keep an eye out for our floating DJ deck!

Step 4 - Embrace The Greek Culture & Party Under The Stars

Donna may be a Greek island pro, but with The Yacht Week Greece, you'll soon be a seasoned explorer too! And for all you feta fanatics out there, get ready to immerse yourself in Greek culture as we stop at picturesque towns along the way. From sampling the best hummus, tzatziki, and gyros at Paros' famous alleyway restaurants to soaking up the stunning sunset at Dakos, you're in for a treat. And when the night falls, brace yourself for an out-of-this-world experience with shooting stars and glowing plankton to light up your night as you party under the stars.

Step 5 - Time To Channel Your Inner Dancing Queen 

This year, we're bringing a new theme to the table: The Sea Myth. We're talking Sirens, Krakens, and all the mystery and magic from the underwater world. From Poseidon's Ball to Siren's Call, our parties will have you screaming, "Mamma Mia I Want To Relive The Yacht Week Again" at the top of your lungs before the night is over. Don't miss out on this incredible experience! 

The Rivera Chic party at Cavo Bianco was elite. The sunset was *chef’s kiss*, the DJ beats were off the charts - Abby Silverman, Cosmopolitan

Step 6 - Time To Go Home (Or Not)

Our last day on The Yacht Week Greece is upon us, and we're going out with a bang. We'll be cruising the waves, exploring every nook and cranny of the islands before heading back to shore to bid adieu to our floating home. We'll pour one out for the memories we've made and the drinks we've spilled. It's been a wild ride, and our hangovers are proof of it. But hey, we'll still raise a glass to an unforgettable week of partying like rockstars on the high seas! And if you want to keep living like Donna Sheridan, why not continue the adventure by booking your next trip on The Yacht Week and keeping the carefree queen lifestyle going?

So besties, don’t let this summer slip through your fingers, come and join us on an Greek adventure of sun, sailing and one of a kind partying. Come on, be a Super Truper and book your trip today!

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