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Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 26th March 2023

You are joining The Yacht Week for an unforgettable time so we want to make sure you, other guests and our staff are happy and most of all, safe.


As of 2019 it is mandatory to have a The Yacht Week skipper on board. Their responsibility is to be your guide, navigator and make sure you are safe at all times. When you arrive on your yacht on the first day, your skipper will give you a short briefing and explain everything from living on a yacht, do’s and don’t when sailing and how to be safe throughout your trip. If you have any questions, you will be able to chat to your skipper 2 weeks before you depart and while you are on the route. 

Event Team: 🙋‍♀️

On every route we have a group of event staff who are a point of contact for anything you may need along the route. They make sure all events run smoothly and will be there to welcome and assist you upon arrival and throughout the week.

There will also be an On-Site Medic that provides basic medical support to those in need over the course of their Yacht Week. 

The event teams live on the crew yacht that follows the route so if you have any questions/queries or just want a chat they will be close at all times! 

Yacht Life: 🙋‍♀️

Electricity & Internet: 🔌

The power sockets across all the yachts are European inputs. The outlets on the yacht are 230V and they can only be used when you are docked in port and connected to shore power.  If your yacht has A/C with an onboard generator the sockets will also work when the generator is running.

There are plugs in the cabins, but the majority are located in the main social area of the yacht.

Wifi: 📶

On some yachts, there is Wifi but be prepared when you are sailing so it is not as reliable as you would expect in your homes. Yacht Wifi runs on the mobile network like your phone, therefore when there isn’t any phone signal there will also be no Wifi.

There will be internet access at the majority of the marinas and most bars/restaurants.

If you can’t live without Wifi for a week, speak to your yacht rental company at check-in for a dongle rental (wifi box).  A lot of guests make sure they have an appropriate date package on their phones or buy a separate SIM on arrival in the country. 

Music: 🔈

Most yachts have the option to connect your phone to the sound system via bluetooth so make sure you have your playlists ready to go. Top Tip: Pack an AUX cable and a portable speaker for those times above deck when you want to bring the party up front! 

All marinas prohibit loud music after 8pm, so please respect other yachts. All music or parties in any marinas must be shut down at 11pm.

Marine Toilets: 🧻

Our boat toilets are little different to your standard land toilet. If you’ve never used one before, all you need to know is that you’ll need to manually flush the toilet (don’t worry your Skipper will show you how) and nothing ‘inorganic’ can go down the toilet – that includes toilet paper (there will be a little bin for that). Flushing toilet roll, wipes or worse down the toilet will block the system which can be unpleasant for everyone onboard and lead to deductions from your security deposit. 

Air Conditioning: ❄️

Some yachts will come equipped with air conditioning if you have booked a yacht with this feature. Please note that the air conditioning is effective but not up to the standard you would find in a hotel or your home. We recommend running the unit only at night time to help you sleep and spend the daytime on deck where the sea breeze will keep you cool. AC will only work when the yacht is stationary and usage can also significantly increase your fuel consumption 

A Yacht Weekers Code of Conduct

Behavior: 🚩

Be kind and watch out for your fellow Yacht Weekers! That’s our motto! Any anti-social behavior at the event will not be tolerated so please treat others how you wish to be treated. Inappropriate behavior may result in your removal from the event.

If you are concerned about anything, witness or are a victim to a crime or antisocial behavior, it is important that you report it immediately to your skipper, host or events team. They are there to help!

Drink Responsibly: 👌

We want everyone to have the best time when on holiday with us and that will surely include sampling some amazing local drinks and plenty of cocktails! But we do ask that everyone drinks responsibly and looks out for your fellow friends and crew. We also kindly ask that you always follow the instructions of your Skipper. They are there for your comfort and safety.

Zero Drugs Policy: ❌

The Yacht Week operates a zero tolerance drug policy. If you are found under the influence or in possession of illegal substances, The Yacht Week reserves the right to cancel your booking without paying you a refund. This means (among other things) that you could be made to leave at any time during your booking of the yacht you have booked. 

Sexual Harassment: ❌

The Yacht Week operates a zero tolerance approach to sexual misconduct and harassment in all its forms so please treat all those on event with respect. If you or one of your crew are reported to have committed sexual misconduct to any person including staff during one of our events you will have your booking terminated and be asked to leave the trip. Sexual misconduct is defined as any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature which occurs in person or by letter, telephone, text, e-mail, via social media or other electronic means.

Tips for Peak Performance

Seasickness: 🌊

You are sailing on a yacht in the beautiful beaming sun…. but unfortunately we don’t have control over the weather and it can become breezy. If you think you might struggle with seasickness, we have got you covered! Previous yacht weekers have recommended Anti-Nausea medication or an Adhesive Patch which you wear behind your ear. Also there are sea wristbands and ginger capsules as another treatment. As a last resort, ask your skipper if you can get behind the wheel, that normally helps to settle things down. 

Dehydration: 🧃

All our destinations are typically HOT and Sunny😎 Be prepared to have a drink in your hand for pretty much the majority of your trip BUT as we all know drinking in the sun and dancing all day will lead to dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of water each day, to stay hydrated. This is incredibly important and can be forgotten due to excitement. Top TYW Tip: Bring along your own reusable water bottle so you always have a bottle at hand morning, noon and night!

Sun Protection: ☀️

We all love the sun and parting in the sunshine on a yacht is even better, but this does mean you are more exposed to the sun than you probably realize. Especially when the yacht is sailing because of the wind.

High - Level exposure can lead to sunburn, which is unpleasant and uncomfortable in the short - term but can also have long - term health effects, and don’t want you missing out on raft parties and events because of this!

It is really important to bring plenty of sunscreen with you and when possible choose ocean friendly!

Disability: ⛵️
It is very important to make us aware of any requirements or injuries you may have prior to arriving so suitable arrangements can be made for you. You are living on a yacht for a week which will become slippery under foot because of the sea water, there is a plank to walk over when you are moored in a marina and the stairs can be steep. The Yacht Week can not be held responsible if you fail to tell us about any requirements/injuries that may impact your trip.

Please email our customer service team if you have any further questions regarding this, 

Water Safety: 🛟

The Yacht Week involves a lot of time spent on or in the water, your skipper will be with you for safety when swimming but it is important you avoid swimming after dark or when instructed by your skipper not to enter the water. Never dive into water without checking the depth and that your landing is clear.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are comfortable/safe and your skipper and host are made aware if you are a weak swimmer or if you are unable to swim. 

Ultimately the responsibility in terms of your safety when in the water lies with you. If you are concerned about your ability to swim, please ask your skipper for a life jacket which is on board. 

And most importantly HAVE FUN, this is going to be  the BEST week of YOUR LIFE.

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