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Posted on 24th April 2023

Take the hassle out of check-in day and pre-pay your cabin damage deposit. The damage deposit is something that needs to be paid by each cabin before arrival day. It covers the possibility of damage to the yacht, loss of equipment or late return. This deposit is the responsibility of the whole crew and everyone on board will be held accountable if any damages are made. This season we have two options for how to pay your yacht deposit and you must select 1 of the options through your profile (needs to be done in advance).

Option 1: Non-refundable €100

We have a non-refundable option which is paid directly through your profile and available to do so from 90 days before departure, up until 2 days before your event takes place. This is €100 for your cabin and cannot be reduced if you are choosing to be on your own in the cabin. This set amount is great for a worry-free week knowing you will not be held responsible for the rest of your crew's errors if they occur during the week as you will not be charged any further amount. We kindly ask that you always treat the yacht with respect and any inappropriate behaviour from guests towards the yacht will not be tolerated. 

The only damage that is not included in the non-refundable amount is blocked toilets. Your skipper will run through thoroughly how to use the toilets and what can go down them and what cannot, this will be addressed in their safety briefing on your check-in day. On average it is between €150- €250 per toilet, however, the price varies between charter companies, and could be more. Just remember…Not through you, not in the loo.

To pay this amount, please head to the ‘Extras’ section of your profile and select the non-refundable cabin security deposit option, and then follow the steps. There is a maximum of 1 deposit that can be made per cabin, so please communicate with your crewmate who will be making the payment.

Option 2: Refundable €1000

The second option for you to pay your yacht security deposit is fully refundable if no damages have been made by the end of the week. This will be €1000 per cabin and this will also need to be paid in advance of check-in day. You can make payment through your profile 5 days before your trip takes place and on the day of charter. 

The payment will be taken from your card at the time of purchase and once your yacht has checked out and damages calculated, this will determine your refund amount. If damages have been made to the yacht, unfortunately, we will not be able to process a full refund. The damages will be calculated on an even split of the crew on board. Your refund will then take up to 14 working days to be processed back to the original card method used and cannot be sent to an alternative payment method. Our Customer Service team will be in touch with you after the event finishes to inform you of the damages and cost prior to processing your refund. 

If the whole crew does not decide to pay the non-refundable and some choose the refundable amount, the damage deductions will be proportionally split between you and the number of cabins on board. See below example:

1 cabin decides to pay the refundable and the rest of the crew chooses the non-refundable. 

Eg. 4 cabins on board, 3 pay €100 non refundable and 1 pays €1000 refundable. There are deductions from damages for €600, therefore the 1 cabin would pay €150 in damage fees. 

To save time on the day of your arrival, we highly recommend pre-paying one of the options, but if you aren't able to do so in advance, our Customer Service representative will be coming around to check you in and they will assist you in choosing one and help with any issues you have. This may take time, holding up you and your crew getting to the opening party so if you are able to do so in advance, we strongly advise this. 

All payments must be made using a credit or debit card and please note we do not accept cash payments.

Travelling solo? All our damage deposit options are based on a cabin only basis and are set as the above two options. Any questions please contact our Customer Service team at and they will be happy to assist you. 

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