Yacht Girl Summer Rules

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 18th May 2023

So, you've already heard about hot girl summer, but now it's time to step up your game and embrace your inner yacht girl (boy, or whatever your heart desires) this summer. But before we jump in let's establish some ground rules here. We've got a step-by-step guide to help you live your absolute best life on the water with us. Let’s dive in amigos.

Step 1 - Live in the moment

Congratulations! You've made it to The Yacht Week, and your group chat plans finally pulled through. It's time to bask in the glorious sunshine, ride the wave of non-stop parties, and soak in the incredible vibes. Say yes to every moment and let the best version of yourself shine through.

Step 2 - Gather your yacht girl troops

Time to bring together a crew of likeminded pals to share The Yacht Week journey with and get ready for a week of non stop fun. Get ready for a week filled with endless parties and unforgettable memories. And hey, if you can't convince all your amigos in the group chat, don't fret! We've got cabin spaces available for you and your best bud. So, no matter your situation, you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet fellow Yacht Weekers who are ready to make this the best week of their lives too.

Step 3 - Leave behind the toxic baggage

You know what we're talking about—those exes, toxic colleagues, or anything else that's been weighing you down. It's time to cut the ties, set yourself free, and show them what you're truly made of. Let them watch in awe as you live your dream life on board with us. 

Step 4 - Better yourself 

On The Yacht Week, it's all about pushing your limits and diving into new experiences. Whether it's sipping a new cocktail, trying out a new yoga move at sunrise, or even taking the helm and learning to sail, this is your chance to step outside your comfort zone and discover something new.

Step 5 - You're the main character

Above all, remember that this is your trip, your plot, and your moment to shine. You are the leading character in this story, so embrace it baby, you go glen coco. 

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