Final Call: The Yacht Week 2023

The clock is ticking and this is your last chance to book and secure your spot with us for THIS summer.


Last Chance Summer

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Still a chance to book

We know what you're thinking, "summer's already started I've left it too late again and that holiday just isn't making it out of the group chat". WRONG... there's still time for you to book onto The Yacht Week and experience the summer of your life. Whether that's a whole group of mates or just that number 1 friend, you can still join us in July and August and be the instagram story that you're getting FOMO from. Want to know more? Sign up, book a call with one of our experts or keep reading so you can join us before the ship sails for another summer.

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Summer is here

Book a call

21st June 2023

Speak to one of our experts who will help you book onto the week of your life THIS summer.

Why book now?

21st June 2023

Don't fret if you haven't made your summer plans yet – there's still time to book your dream yach...

Yachts to Watch

21st June 2023

We've handpicked some of the best yacht steals for the rest of the season so you don't have to.

Year of The Sea Myth

31st January 2023

Welcome to Yacht Week 2023 - The Year of the Sea Myth! As we set sail into the unknown, we invite...

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