Here you’ll find some quick tips on booking and payments. For more detail please check out our FAQ.


1. Gather your friends

Yachts can accommodate between 6 and 12 people. You and your friends will have your own yacht and, if required, we can supply a skipper and hostess. Our Forum on Facebook can help people find other crews to join. Alternatively, we offer cabin bookings for those looking to travel with one other friend and join a yacht of other cabin bookers. The minimum age for the event is 20 years old.

2. Choose a destination and week

During the winter and spring we sail around the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, Brazil and Thailand. Then we cross over to Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Mallorca and Croatia to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean summer. Typically events start and end on a Saturday, but please check the details of your event as some may start and finish on different days. We do not organise travel or flights.

3. Choose a yacht or cabin

Yachts vary in size and price, so choose whatever suits you. Prices range from €330-2400 per person – the average is €730. Cabins for 2 people start at €990 per person. Once you have chosen and booked a yacht or cabin you need to pay by bank card over two or three (depending on the destination you choose) payments online. More information on booking and payments can be found below.
The yacht or cabin is booked by one person online. This person, the booker, will be responsible for:

1. Organising the payments

The booker can invite their friends to the crew list where they will be able to create their own profile and pay their share of the payment. Yacht and cabin invoices are split into 3 payment instalments. Please note that the booker is responsible for making sure payments are made on time.

2. Filling out the crew list details online

We require the following data from all crew members: name, date of birth, passport number, contact details and an optional emergency contact. You can add your crew members via the booking profile.

3. Acting as the main contact upon arrival and departure

On arrival at the marina please look out for The Yacht Week check-in desk for registration and then head over to the yachting agency’s office to check-in to your yacht. On departure please go to your yachting agency’s office for check-out. If you have booked a cabin, your skipper will do this for you.

Yacht bookings

  • 1st Payment - 30% of the total cost must be made within 24 hours of booking.
  • 2nd Payment - 30% of the total cost must be made no later than 88 days before your event begins. Check your booking to see the exact date.
  • 3rd Payment - 40% of the total cost must be made no later than 58 days before your event begins. Check your booking to see the exact date.

Cabin bookings

  • 1st Payment - 50% of the total cost must be made at the time of booking.
  • 2nd Payment - 50% of the total cost must be made no later than 42 days after the time of booking.
  • Note: if a new booking is made 56 days prior to the date of departure, a payment of 100% of the cost must be paid upon booking.
We accept all major debit cards, as well as the following credit cards: Visa (2% fee), MasterCard (2% fee) and American Express (2.5% fee). Since the size of the payment is above average for most online payments, some people have problems making payments with their bank cards. If your payment is declined, please contact your bank to check with them first for possible reasons, which may include:
  • Not enough funds in the account.
  • Maximum daily limit set by the bank for a transaction.
  • Default block on international transfers – check your bank to ensure they allow international transfers with your card.
  • Your bank requires you to activate 3D secure, a feature that we support. 3D secure is an extra layer of security where you are redirected to your bank to submit a personal pin code in order to identify the buyer before the purchase goes through. If the bank that issues your card does not support Verified by VISA / Secure Code by MasterCard and 3D Secure, then the transaction will be declined and another card needs to be used.
If you still can’t make the payment please use another card or contact
The yacht security deposit is a kind of insurance that you pay to the yachting company during check-in. It is used as a security against any damages caused to the yacht during the week. If you don’t have any damages when you do the check-out of the yacht by the end of the week you will get the whole amount refunded. You can choose to pay the deposit either by card or in cash in our Mediterranean destinations, in Thailand and BVI it must be paid in cash.
The Yacht Week will work with you and our yacht charter providers to recover as much of your expense as possible, however, certain charges will be incurred. If you cancel your booking the following minimum cancellation charges (as a percentage of the total booking cost) shall apply:

Yacht bookings (all destinations except British Virgin Islands and Thailand)

  • From booking date to 61 days before event date - 30%
  • From 60 to 35 days before event date - 50%
  • Within 34 days of event date - 100%

Cabin bookings (all destinations)

  • From booking date to 56 days before event date - 50%
  • Within 55 days of the event date - 100%

Yacht bookings (British Virgin Islands and Thailand)

  • From booking date to 81 days before event date - 30%
  • From 80 to 51 days before event date - 60%
  • Within 50 days of event date - 100%
Please see our Terms and Conditions for our full cancellation and refund policy.
Click here to see the complete Terms and Conditions before you book.