Explorers Route

New route for 2017

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Never before done on The Yacht Week

We’re stripping back the typical week to celebrate sailing, good vibes and exploration on a brand new TYW destination. Expect 10 yachts, handpicked skippers, our closest friends and an element of the unknown on Brazil’s Costa Verde – where the adventure begins.

Explorers routes are raw, real and honest adventures. Truly an event like no other!



Hike through Brazilian rainforest

Lunch in a floating pontoon

Lopes Mendes beach

Slack-line walking

New Year’s Eve day party


Sip fresh coconut water

Explore remote islands

A typical day in Brazil

Imagine 7 of these in a row! Each day bringing something entirely new


9am Wake up with the sun and sound of waves–no Monday morning alarm clocks!


sun and sound of waves–no Monday morning alarm clocks! 9:30am Roll out of bed and dive bomb straight into the Atlantic sea


Swap stories from yesterday’s discoveries as you feast on a fresh, fruity breakfast on deck


Sit back and relax as your skipper sails you to a completely secluded bay for a lunchtime swim


Continue sailing and exploring until the whole fleet drops anchor and you create a floating day party


Dock at new a Brazilian island and freely explore it until you can’t any more!


Dress up for a dinner and cocktail or two with your crew on a floating pontoon in the sea


TYW DJs will kickstart the party in an insane seaside venue

We’re on a mission to find all the hidden gems Brazil has to offer whilst getting lost in a new culture

Julian, Skipper

What to expect at every event


and live on a yacht with friends. All are welcome—even if you've never sailed before.


different islands and hidden splendours for seven days on a set route.


somewhere different everyday to live DJs playing in the sun throughout your week.


to a growing community of international Yacht Weekers all following the same route.

Brazil Dates

Our Brazil event is 7 days long starting and ending on a Wednesday.

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