Everyone can participate! The Yacht Week can provide a professional skipper for you and your friends. The skipper will know everything about the yacht, the route and the event!

1. Never Been On A Yacht?

Most of the people who join The Yacht Week have never been on a yacht before. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone to join and have the time of their lives! We, therefore, provide skippers that will will help you navigate your yacht throughout the week. Sailing is a different way to travel: a mix between luxury and camping. Our yachts are high quality for extended cruising, but the living space on a sailboat is compact. Think of a high-end motor home on the water. We'll make you as comfortable as can be and you will feel right at home in just a few hours.

2. How does it work?

The skipper will stay on the yacht with you and your friends throughout the whole week. This also means that he/she will be a part of your holiday as a friend! The skipper will help you take care of the yacht and, if you want to, teach you how to sail! They will know the exact route, what there is to see along the way and where to take you in the evenings.

When you choose a yacht you should bear in mind that the skipper will need to sleep in one of the beds on the yacht. A skipper should been seen as an extra friend on the yacht. They will get paid, but that doesn't mean they will not have a good time. Be good to your skipper, and they will be good to you!

SKIPPER PRICES Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey (Euros) British Virgin Islands (US Dollars)
Mixed Crew (min. 2 girls) & Girls Only

€ 800

$ 970

€ 700

Guys Crew

€ 1,150

$ 1,560

€ 1,050

We want to encourage mixed bookings. It’s quite popular amongst guys to book yachts as all male groups, so it’s necessary to limit their numbers. There is no easy way to do this online, so adding a financial incentive for boys to book with girl friends is our way of trying to limit the amount of boys participating. Our goal is to have a maximum of 60% of any gender on any given week.
This means that we want to have 40-60 % of either boys and girls on any given week. If we see a negative trend we will close the bookings and manually ensure that this policy is fulfilled. We hope you understand that we only do this to ensure that your holiday will be as good as possible! If you have any comments or ideas on this please contact us at: info@theyachtweek.com
Example of costs

A yacht that costs €4000 with a capacity of 10 people in Croatia, Greece, Italy or Turkey:

  • 9 people + TYW skipper = (€4000+€700) / 9 = €522 /person – “mixed (min. 2 girls) or girls only crew”
  • 9 people + TYW skipper = (€4000+€1050) / 9 = €561 /person – “guys crew”
  • With your own skipper you have one more paying crew member and no extra cost.

3. Better Than A Hotel!

We'll try to explain what it's like living on a sailing yacht for one week!

A quick pitch:
  • You are always seconds away from swimming in the ocean.
  • The yacht moves from island to island every day, so there is always a new destination to enjoy.
  • Ocean view 24/7 with access to food and drinks from the kitchen (stove and fridge on all yachts).
  • You buy your own food and drinks at the supermarket (=cheap).
  • On the deck it’s always sunny with a fresh breeze ensuring the best possible tan.
  • You won’t be surrounded by tourists since you are away from the most crowded places during the day whilst sailing.
  • With a yacht you can always access beautiful natural bays for a nice lunch stop and a spot of swimming.

4. A Normal Day On A Yacht:

  • 9-11am you wake up and eat breakfast on the yacht (food that you bought from a supermarket).
  • 10am-12pm time to leave the port and set sail.
  • 12-2pm lunch stop in a nice natural bay. The yacht will stay at anchor for 1-2 hours while you swim around, have lunch and relax.
  • 2-4pm sail towards the next port. Enjoy the sun and relax on the deck.
  • 4-6pm arrive at the port. If you arrive early you might stay in the port and be able to walk ashore. If you arrive late you might stay at anchor in the port. If so you will reach land with your dinghy.
  • 6-8pm dinner in a restaurant in the town or on the yacht.
  • 8-11pm drinks, socialising and parties on the yachts.
  • 10pm-12am leave the yacht and head off to The Yacht Week party for the evening.
  • 2-4am bed time!

On some days we will not go to a port. That means that all yachts will stay together in a natural bay which is incredibly beautiful. Night swimming, late night drinks and listening to music will make these nights as memorable as the rest.

Quick Tips

  • Unless you are in a port connected to land there is no 230V electricity on the yachts, only 12V. All yachts have a stereo, fridge, stove/cooker, toilets and showers (inside and outside).
  • Pack light! Don’t bring too many bags and make sure bags are soft. Samsonite type suitcases are not suitable on a yacht.
  • If you have additional questions please look at our FAQ or email us at info@theyachtweek.com.