Caribbean, USVI Route

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Sail Caribbean Seas on Your Doorstep

Enjoy the beauty and wonder of a Caribbean Paradise without leaving US soil. Explore the hidden beaches of the Virgin Islands National Park and revel in the nightlife of Cruz Bay and St Thomas. Snorkel in crystal clear waters and explore a world of colourful corals and dazzling marine life.

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Dinghy's Beach Bar Party

Circle Raft Party

Beach Chic at St Croix Yacht Club

Dockside Disco at Snorkels Bar

Shoreside yoga

Carambola Tide Pools and Hike

Sample a pirate's poison

The Painkiller

Virgin Islands National Park

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge

Natural Bay Swim Stops

Trunk Bay Beach and Underwater Snorkel Trail

Forrest Eco ATV Tours

Water Sports

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