Crew Finder - Contact booker

Yacht type: Lagoon 450

Dates: 30/06/2018 to 07/07/2018

Message from the Booker:
Hey everyone,

Right now we have a crew of 4 guys and 3 girls, and currently looking for 3 more girls to fill up our boat. Two guys (myself and Clark) are based in Chicago and are Yacht Week veterans from last year, and of the guys (Zeke and Tal) are based in DC/Miami. For the girls, we have two from Pennsylvania and one from Vancouver, and everyone is very high energy/high tempo.

One huge perk of being on this boat is that Zeke and Tal are jewelry dealers, and will be bringing hundreds of pieces to Croatia to give out all throughout the week. If you love the song "More than you know" by Axwell /\ Ingrosso, and hate sleeping, you'll be a great fit. Feel free to stalk away on social media below.