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Yacht type: Bavaria 46

Dates: 30/06/2018 to 07/07/2018

Message from the Booker:
Seeking 1 girl OR 1 guy for our Croatia Week 27 (Ultra Week) yacht! June 30 - July 7.

Us: 7 Americans (2 guys, 5 girls) setting off on our first Yacht Week voyage. We all love to travel, but more importantly love to party. We're all known to bust some serious dance moves and put back a beer or five.

The boat: Bavaria 46. She's a beaut. At 46 ft. , this will be an ideal party station. Hostess and skipper included!

You (ideally): Are familiar with the song Pony by Ginuwine, know what a flabongo is, and are generally a cool person. We might be able to compromise if the fit is right.

Come join us and floatie into the sunset!