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Yacht type: Lagoon 39

Dates: 15/07/2017 to 22/07/2017

Message from the Booker:
WANTED - Four awesome girls who are up for a drink or two and boatloads of banter for the YW Croatia Route-ULTRA. This festival route needs no introduction; just watch the YouTube video and you won't be able to resist getting amongst!

We are four 27ish year old lads; all kiwi and all professionals. Between us we have very particular set of skills; skills that make will make a week on the Yacht with us a memorable one, including cooking, bar tending and a DJing, not to mention we are all qualified lifeguards... Three of us will be coming to Croatia from London, one from Sydney.

Details on the Yacht - it is a catamaran with 6 cabins, has so much room for activities, and includes a skipper (Daddy Dave), and a hostess (Sassy Sara). These guys skippered/hosted us for YW in Greece last year and were awesome.

Price includes:
· VIP tickets to Ultra Music Festival for Saturday and Sunday;
· tickets to Ultra Beach Party;
· Hostess and Skipper; and
· Food package (breakfast and lunch).

Welcome aboard!