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Yacht type: Lagoon 420

Dates: 08/07/2017 to 15/07/2017

Message from the Booker:
Hi everyone! We are a group of 6 people, 2 guys and 4 girls, looking to find some fun people to join our yacht. 2 of us are from the US, 2 from Australia, and 2 from Chile. We have 2 spots left available on our beautiful Lagoon 420 catamaran. It is one of the most spacious yachts and the cost is only 1304 Euros a person! We will be sailing the Greece - Athens route and our yacht includes a skipper as well as a hostess to cook our meals, help with making reservations, and clean the yacht. We are all in our mid-20's to low-30's and can add 2 more girls, guys, or a couple to our yacht. This yacht is one of the few that has air conditioning on it. After going on Yacht Week in Croatia last summer without a/c on my boat, I can tell you firsthand how much you will appreciate this! This is also one of the only yachts where each bedroom has its own private bathroom. Reach out to me for more information!