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Yacht type: Lagoon 440

Dates: 22/07/2017 to 29/07/2017

Message from the Booker:
Updated: March 21st, 2017

WEEK 30 - Original Croatia Route


My name is Andy and I’m looking for a group of 4 Girls (or two groups of two) to join our Yacht for Week 30 on the Original Croatia Route.

We booked a Lagoon 440 along with a female skipper and hostess. The Yacht is one of the best available and has several amenities including AC, wifi, etc. Pictures of the Yacht are available right on TYW website.

Our group consists of 4 American guys in our late 20s. Two of us live in New York while the other two live in California. I haven’t experienced Yacht Week before but two of the guys (along with the hostess/skipper) have.

I’m hoping to find a group of drama-free girls who are down to party with us and enjoy all the other cool stuff Yacht Week has lined up. If you’re interested in joining us or have any questions, send me a message here or on social media.

Here are links to my social media profiles:
Instagram: @AndyFrancess

Hope to hear from you soon!