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Yacht type: Lagoon 440

Dates: 05/08/2017 to 12/08/2017

Message from the Booker:
I can’t promise much in life with the exception that you will always have to shit and eventually will die. So when I say I promise that SS SpongeBob - The Floating Rage Castle Lagoon 440 (with Air Conditioning and Unlimited Wifi) will be best boat and most epic adventure for Croatia Black Route come 8/5 - 8/12 then that’s making a statement and we are looking for 4 ladies to join the best crew.

We have a very diverse crew from multiple parts of the United States but one thing is common, we are laid back and simply embrace what life has to offer. No such thing as an awkward and uncomfortable situation and if there ever is, embrace it.

We are looking for people with similar mindsets to partner with, think of this as your boat just as much as it is ours. That way when it comes to making decisions on themes, food, etc. you have a voice.

So if you enjoy alcohol, champagne, a lot of laughs and questionable decision making we are your crew!

If you would like to see the boat beyond the stock photos shown here click on this link

If you have any questions or would like to inquire, please reach out and let us know. Our captains are:

IG and SC - Kegbody
FaceBook -

IG - Blake_anthony10
FaceBook -

P.S. All fees will be paid directly to The Yacht Week to ensure security and maintain transparency. In the event that the amount is fully paid in the future and someone drops out, that would be a different story but we can discuss that further if we cross that bridge. The boat is almost full.