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Yacht type: Lagoon 400

Dates: 05/08/2017 to 12/08/2017

Message from the Booker:
Hey guys!
It is with great pleasure that I announce some vacancies in our boat. This is my second Yatch Week! In 2015 I went with some friends that I had met a short time ago but this time I'm going with my best friends I met in Engineering College 10 years ago! It will be the trip we dreamed about for years!
So far we are in 4 Brazilians and we have decided to guarantee a good boat not to be out of the party! Now we are looking for nice people worldwide who want to join us for the best trip of their lives! There will be no lack of laughs, drinks and good music!
The boat is large, comfortable and has enough space to have fun, barbecue, receive friends and rest when we need to!
Contact us to know more details!