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Yacht type: Bavaria 51 Cruiser

Dates: 29/07/2017 to 05/08/2017

Message from the Booker:
Hi Ladies

We are 4 guys from Australia looking for 1 awesome girl to join us on Yacht Week!

We have also got 3 girls on-board. 2 girls from New Zealand and 1 girl from San Diego.

We have booked the Bavaria 51 Cruiser (2016 model) with a Captain, Hostess and the food package for week 31 (July 29 – 5 August)

It’s a floating mansion, with features including:
- 5 cabins
- 3 bathrooms
- Wifi
- Stereo & speakers
- Captain
- Hostess (cook us meals and clean)
- Food package

A bit about us:
We are four 27yo Aussie guys from Sydney, Australia looking for an equally awesome girl! We’re a happy go lucky bunch who are easy-going, love to get out in the sun, have a laugh and a bit of fun.

A bit about you:
Must be fun, outgoing, have some great banter and be ready to make Yacht Week your b*tch!

The cost is €1,200 in total for the above package

Payment breakdown is as follows (although happy to adjust installment amounts to suit you!):
1st Instalment (deposit upon joining booking page of yacht): €200
2nd Instalment (2nd May 2017): €500
3rd Instalment (1st June 2017): €500
Total: €1,200

The original cost was €1,480 per person, however the guys have decided to up our share and give girls a discount to only €1,200. So €280 discount each girl

Contact details:
Name: Brad Lewthwaite (feel free to facebook stalk and message me via that if you wish)
Phone: 61427482025

The other guys are:
Nick Wolley
Hugh Lawson
Ryan Mason

Let me know if you are interested in joining our yacht as I can promise you it is something you will not regret!!

Bring on Yacht Week 2017!