Despite the recent hype about Croatia the towns, ports and surroundings are just as timeless as they are trendy. Along its 1778 km coastline a glistening sea winds around rocky coves and lapping at pine-fringed beaches. Ports bustle with fishermen and the water sparkles while the cities throb with nightlife amid ancient Roman ruins.


Many yachts sail the Croatian water and around the islands of Dalmatia which is one of the true wonders in Europe with arguably some of the clearest waters. While doing this you’ll find a strong central European flavour in the architecture and Italian devotion to the good life percolates up from the coast, permeating Croatian food and style.

Croatians retain a strong attachment to the land and traditions that nourished the dream of independence for so long. Even as a tide of speculators and developers wash ashore, there is a real commitment to preserving the extraordinary beauty of the coast. Whether the country can hold out against the lure of easy money is an excruciating test of its character. But, so far the signs are promising.

  • Location: Central Europe and Southeast Europe
  • Capital Coordinates: 45.10 North, 15.30 East
  • Capital: Zagreb
  • Population: 4.5 million
  • Number of islands: 1185
  • Language: Croatian
  • Currency: Kuna (1 Kuna = 100 Lipa).
  • Time Zone: GMT +3 (summer), GMT +2 (winter)
  • Electrical Power: Standard 220 Volt
  • Climate: Mediterranean. Temperatures in July typically range from 25°C to 35°C (77°F – 95°F)

To make our events the best that they possibly can be and for sailing and mooring to be smoother, we have now established two versions of the South Route – the Black and the Red Route. Each route has a capacity of up to 50 yachts and both will visit the same destinations, just on different days!