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Things to do in Croatia

From floating parties to 200-year-old Forts, the options for things to do in Croatia are endless.

Whether you're riding Vespas around Vis, sipping drinks at sundown from Fort-tops or watching a special film-screening from your floating home; each moment of magic contributes to eternal memories made on the seas. Have a gander at all the goodness below.

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Split Airport (SPU)

Adriatic Sea

As The Yacht Week - Croatia comes to a close, I can easily say I had the time of my life. What an amazing week with old friends, and some new ones.

- @wheelbegripped


    Floating Music Stage

    Just when you thought we couldn't make our floating raft parties any better, bigger, wilder. Introducing our very first decorated DJ boat delivering the highest decibles of summertime vibes! There'll be big names on board, spinning surreal summer sets.


    Riviera Chic Party

    Welcome to Hvar, the St Tropez of Croatia. This themed event at the infamous Carpe Diem bar is one of our classiest parties to date. Flip through a few Vogues and channel your inner debonair; this day is one for the photo books. Think French islands circa 1950’s.


    Sunset dinner at Fort George

    Overlooking two natural bays, 200-year-old Fort George on Vis Island provides the ultimate backdrop for a candlelit dinner with insane sunset views and the perfect venue for our Tropical Retro Party. The night is a splendid array of cuisine, colours and sound, featuring funky patterns and pineapples galore.

Croatia Highlights

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Extra Activities

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Reviews for Croatia


    A typical day at sea

    Wake up to the sound of the waves. Set sail around 9am. Eat lunch on deck in a beautiful bay. Explore a new island in the afternoon and dress up for the evening's festivities.


    This pool's open 24/7

    Overindulge, the best things in life are free. And, yes, a dip in the ocean is a perfectly acceptable form of bathing.


    A new view every day

    While routine is comforting, it can also be confining. Waking up to a new view is a pretty sweet deal and puts staying in a hotel to shame.

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