The next big thing for your trip

You’ve booked your yacht and now you’re thinking about the next big thing for your trip; how you’re going to get fed and watered throughout the week. The last thing you want is to be left hangry after a night at Tropical Retro and we all know that running out of alcohol for pre-drinks or water for the morning after is a situation no one wants to be in. But worry not, we’re here to help you. Below we’ve laid out the three different options you have and how you should decide which one is for you.


Food package


We've kitted this package out to get you through the week with the minimum of fuss. This package is perfect if you have not booked a host.

What’s included?

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    Lunch / Dinner

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Drinks package


What's sailing in the sun without an ice-cold beverage or two? Add our mixed drinks package to last you the week.

What’s included?

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So if no one in your crew is quite the whizz in the kitchen and you want to spend your holiday truly relaxing, then it sounds like booking a host is for you. Your host will make freshly prepared meals for you everyday meaning the only thing you have to worry about is finding the best place to enjoy the sun and a gorgeous sail.


If you're leaning towards going it all alone then we have three words for you to go by when shopping for food; easy, filling and local. Provisioning for your whole yacht for a week can seem like a lot so just make sure you've got a plan before heading to the supermarket and have a look through our top tips for provisioning.

Shopping list

Want to shop for yourself? We made it easy for you. Click here to see an example shopping list.

Top tips from a host

Bring friends (we recommend three people total), be patient, and crack a beer for the journey

Like at home, you will need coins for the trolleys

Take reusable bags

Hydration is always key- it’s hot out there

Don’t forget drunk snacks, the carb free diet will be out the window after the first evening

When it comes to alcohol, fill your trolley with what you think you will need, then double it and you will be just about there

A clean boat is a happy boat, remember lots of large trash bags