Our event goes around the Saronic islands. These islands are far away from the tourist track and offers a experience you wont find anywhere else on the Greek islands. Greece offers a myriad of experiences with vibrant nightclubs, lazy days on the boat and ancient beauty along with the tang of home-made tzatziki. The Greek people always welcome you with open arms. It is they who, after all, make Greece the fantastic country it is. Their zest for life, their curiosity and their unquestioning hospitality to the visitors is unforgettable.

The Saronic area is a nice, calm sailing place with a wide variety of landscapes, small distances between the islands, sandy and pebbled beaches, and both touristy and secluded ports and anchorages. Provisioning, water, shops, bars, restaurants, and Yacht Week parties will be found in nearly all the ports we stop at. At the few places where you wont have these practicalities in return you will get an unforgettable experience when anchoring in a natural bay.

  • Location: Southeastern Europe
  • Capital Coordinates: 37.58 North, 23.43 East
  • Capital: Athens
  • Population: 10.7 million
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time Zone: GMT +2 (summer), GMT +3 (winter)
  • Electrical Power: Standard 220 Volt
  • Climate: Mediterranean. Average temperature in July 25°C-35°C (77°F-95°F)

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