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Things to do in Greece

Day parties and island delicacies are a few of our favourite things in Greece. Besides eating your way into a gyro-coma, there are plenty of things to do in Greece. Scooter around Poros and have a spa day in Hydra. Relax beachside or dial up the vibe with a game of water volleyball at the day party. If your heart truly lies at sea, the underwater art installation is where you'll be. Greece has it all. Have a gander at all the goodness below.

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Athens Airport (ATH)

Aegean Sea

The craziest trip. Every week should be a yacht week!

- @santiagoilana


    Greek Sunset Dinner

    Tuck into tsipoura with a side of tzatziki at the most authentic of Greek restaurants; Sunset Restaurant. As the name would suggest, expect spectacular sunsets sailors.


    Tropical Retro Volleyball

    It's all fun and games at Love Bay, until someone moves the net into the sea – then it's on. Don't swim on a full stomach? Poor excuse. Get working off those gyros, boys & girls. Frolicking in the salty water with friends by your side and rays of sunshine above, what's not to love?


    Riviera Chic Party

    This themed event, on the beautiful island of Ermioni, is one of our classiest parties to date. Flip through a few Vogues and channel your inner debonair; this day is one for the photo books. Think French islands circa 1950’s.

Greece Highlights

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Extra Activities

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Reviews for Greece


    A Typical day at sea

    Wake up to the sound of the waves. Set sail around 9am. Eat lunch on deck in a beautiful bay. Explore a new island in the afternoon and dress up for the evening's festivities.


    This pool's open 24/7

    Overindulge, the best things in life are free. And, yes, a dip in the ocean is a perfectly acceptable form of bathing.


    A new view every day

    While routine is comforting, it can also be confining. Waking up to a new view is a pretty sweet deal and puts staying in a hotel to shame.

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