Never before done on The Yacht Week

We are diving deeper into the Caribbean and exploring the brand new destination, Grenada and the Grenadine Islands. Expect an intimate route, with all the best elements of The Yacht Week combined to bring two epic weeks this winter!

[photo_grid destination="grenada" photogridquote="Explorer’s routes are raw, real and honest adventures. Truly an event like no other!" photogridquoteby="John" /]  


[typical_day title="A typical day in Grenada" subtitle="Imagine 7 of these in a row! Each day bringing something entirely new" time1="9am" text1="9am Wake up with the sun and sound of waves–no Monday morning alarm clocks!" time2="9:30am" text2="Roll out of bed and dive bomb straight into the Caribbean Sea" time3="10am" text3="Swap stories from yesterday’s discoveries as you feast on a fresh, fruity breakfast on deck" time4="12pm" text4="Sit back and relax as your skipper sails you to a completely secluded bay for a lunchtime swim" time5="2pm" text5="Continue sailing and exploring until the whole fleet drops anchor and you create a floating day party" time6="4pm" text6="Dock at a new Caribbean island and freely explore it until you can’t any more!" time7="8pm" text7="Dress up for a dinner and cocktail or two with your crew on a floating pontoon in the sea" time8="10pm" text8="TYW DJs will kickstart the party in an insane seaside venue" /] [testimonial text="We’re on a mission to find all the hidden gems Grenada has to offer whilst getting lost in a new culture" textby="Julian, Skipper"/]

What to expect at every event


and live on a yacht with friends. All are welcome—even if you've never sailed before.


different islands and hidden splendours for seven days on a set route.


somewhere different everyday to live DJs playing in the sun throughout your week.


to a growing community of international Yacht Weekers all following the same route.

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