Grenada & the Grenadines Route

The Yacht Week Grenada

10-12 Yachts

Easy Pace Route

New Discoveries, New Concept, New Year

Ready yer sea legs and leave the landlubbers behind because we're going rogue this New Year, exploring the epic sea-scapes of the Grenadines. Justifiably named the 'Jewel of the Caribbean.' This route is one of mystery and magic, suited to the adventurous, the daring and the fortune seeking.

An aquatic arena awaits

It's often said that many fascinating places on Earth are among some of the most hidden. Choose to engage in this escapade or walk the plank. Your experience will only be as good as your next clue. Feel the rhythm, solve the rhyme and the next island of spice is what you'll find.

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Dec • Jan

Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND)

Caribbean Sea

We got together in a few days a company of the toughest old salts imaginable... fellows, by their faces, of the most indomitable spirit

- Robert Louis Stevenson


    Shore Adventures

    In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, palm-covered islands lie scattered. Relax on white-sand beaches should you find them, then hike along verdant pathways and bathe under cascading waterfalls. Uncover ancient secrets on land and at sea as you embark on this trail of mystery.


    Sea Adventures

    Mother Nature is capricious, and She rules all. This spellbinding, sensory sail will transform mind and body if you journey far enough. Prepare for some epic seascapes and stories of old whilst sailing the high seas and hunting for gold.


    Submarine Adventures

    Under warm, shallow waters, 
secrets be lying in wait. Sea turtles, rays & parrot fish are just the start of myriad species thriving amongst the coral reefs. Embrace the perfect snorkelling conditions and venture below, the pieces of eight if you sea them will glow.

Grenada Highlights

Grenada in all its glory


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Please note: This is an example route. Your route may change depending on your starting marina and weather

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