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Position: Event

The Role
We are looking for Registered Nurses, Doctors or Paramedics who are looking to take some time out of their careers and are in search of an adventure. This exciting role will provide the best of both worlds for those looking to further their medical careers while gaining experience with people and seeing a new part of the world.
The On-Site Medic provides basic medical support to those in need over the course of their yacht week. This includes guests, staff and anyone else on-site and in need of medical attention. In addition to medical experience, this position requires confidence and the ability to work well in a team environment. You will not be performing any procedures in this role unless in extreme circumstances. Primary duties will involve providing advice and administering basic first aid until emergency services arrive onsite.


  1. Give due attention to illness and accidents as patrons present
  2. Dressing wounds/injuries (no stitching)
  3. Accompanying guests to hospitals or medical clinics
  4. Recording all incidents & procedures
  5. Responding to call for help across all venues in designated country
  6. Call emergency services as necessary


  1. Registered Nurse, Doctor or Paramedic
  2. Festival or Event medic experience is an asset
  3. A caring and outgoing personality
  4. Good communication skills
  5. The ability to make swift decisions and stay calm
  6. A good level of physical fitness
  7. Knowledge of Croatian, Greek or Italian language is an asset

Work Environment

You will be offered a spot in one of our 4 destinations based on your experience as well as your availability.


Per week, experience based.

Applications close on 25th February 2021

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