Quarterdeck Operations Manager

  Current Operations Manager is due to leave somewhere between October and December 2019.  A handover period is required and the opening for a new Operations Manager is to be filled as soon as possible.


The Operations Managers normal place of work will be Quarterdeck’s London office. The Operations Manager will be expected to work in other countries throughout the year, with all travel and subsistence costs covered. A total of up to 40 weeks of travel per annum will be expected. 
  • March to September - Croatia based
  • December/January - Caribbean based
  • February - Ski events based in Austria/Canada/Japan

Essential Attributes

  Leadership - You will already have experience as an established team leader, preferably within a fast-paced young organisation.  Your outgoing demeanor and patience will be consistently positive and measured. You will be well presented, organised and disciplined.  You will already be developing emotional intelligence skills and able to apply them to solve conflicts. You will be able to think clearly under pressure and have worked in an industry or role that has required you to manage complex pressurised situations.     Communication - Leading an international team requires clear written and spoken English skills.  You will be able to construct clear briefings and instructions, keeping processes as simple as possible so that the team has the best chance of understanding and execution. English will ideally be your first language.   Health and Safety - You will ideally have some experience in the management of risk from a technical industry, knowledge of the principles of prevention of accidents, and an understanding of the root human causes of accidents.   Rationalisation - The ability to analyze problems and determine what is right rather than who is right, where responsibilities and boundaries lie.  An understanding of how to develop effective policies and efficient processes to solve problems. You will be able to recognise potential errors due to human judgment factors such as bias, lack of information, preconceptions or prejudice. A clear mindset of working to a solution and not focusing on failure or the problem.    IT Skills - You will be familiar with conventional office software for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation.  Ideally, you will have some advanced skills with data manipulation, statistics, project management applications, programming, etc.  Your typing speed should be fluent (40-50 words per minute) as the majority of your communication will be remote working based and rely on messages and emails. In this highly influential leadership position, you will need to be proficient in most major social media platforms and will be required to be able to navigate these platforms confidently.    Marketing/Branding - The marketing of QD remains the responsibility of the Business Director, however, you will be involved with the execution and communication of promotions, gathering of marketing material etc.  You will have an understanding of modern online and offline marketing methods and an awareness of how QD’s brand should extend into every part of the business, particularly your decision making as Operations Manager. In terms of your personal brand, you will need to be an upstanding manager and leader and this will need to be evident in your social interactions.    Healthy Lifestyle - During operational season periods, you will find yourself almost continuously immersed in the role.  A healthy lifestyle is as important for managing your own stress as it is to set an example as a leader of a sports/events industry organisation.  You will generally be an active, physically resilient person with a healthy lifestyle. Our client’s sailing products are evolving away from excess alcohol consumption and hedonistic behaviour - you will have the discipline to avoid situations and events that could compromise your image or integrity, regardless of social pressure.  You will not be a heavy smoker or drinker.   Business Acumen - Having a solid business acumen will be essential. The role will be dealing with various budgets and will be responsible for all spending and income. You should have been in a role that has had to work with tight margins and good cost controls. You should have been a budget holder of a P&L of over £150k as a minimum. 

Role Description

The role description will be further developed with the input of the new Operations Manager

Recruitment of Skippers and Hosts (Academy)

  • Recruit the right number of skippers needed for next season allowing QD to further expand outside TYW;
  • Improve pre-academy communication to students;
  • Build on the academy documents and build out areas that are lacking;
  • Reformat the host academy to better accommodate the larger number of hosts required;
  • Review and update the course structure and marketing
  • Change and improve the application process to better screen for the right attributes
  • Develop premium and basic host packages
  • Monitor and control expenditure in accordance with a budget

Operational Planning and Management

  • Assist with budget planning and delivery to targets
  • Strategically allocate number and type of assignments to suit demand and shape team dynamics
  • Develop and organise QD teambuilding events
  • Develop and deliver regular in-season training sessions for skippers and hosts
  • Deliver structured loyalty, reward and recognition programmes
  • Engage with the community and provide feedback channels for the team (1-1 programme, management grading system, feedback sessions)
  • Provide a dedicated check and support service for private charter skippers and hosts

Management Structure 

  • Select and recruit the new management and instructor team for 2020;
  • Collate and organize current documents into easily accessible information;
  • Write a year-end report and lessons learned for review;
  • Provide management and leadership training for route managers, instructors and lead skippers/hosts during academy off weeks
  • Lead and supervise flotilla management teams for TYW
  • Supervise full-time administration staff
  • Act as key operational contact with clients
  • Review and improve policies and procedures for handling conflict and complaints


The candidate must be free to live and work unrestricted in the UK and Croatia (assuming that the UK will remain in reciprocal free immigration agreements with EU states for the foreseeable future until new legislation is passed) The candidate will be a qualified skipper with at least one season of experience working with Quarterdeck - understanding of sailing practices, yacht technical design/operation, meteorology, flotilla operations, and the charter skipper vocation is essential to the role


  • All travel and subsistence when not London office based is covered by QD to a reasonable standard.
  • Full-time salary negotiable depending on experience
  • Inclusion in Day8 group discretionary annual bonus scheme £2-5k; business objective based
  • Pension plan offered in accordance with current UK minimum requirements
  • Fully comprehensive private company healthcare
  • 23 days paid holiday plus UK public holidays (7 days)
  • Entitlement to undertake up to 4 week long charters per year as a skipper
  • Company Macbook Air and iPhone provided
  Application   Send your CV and covering letter to michael.c@quarterdeck.co by the 30 Sep
34 days until bookings open!